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Stax headphones for $30?

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At my local independent record store run by a bunch of hippies (ok, that's not fair, only a few of them qualify as hippies) I found a box with STAX on the side and a $30 price tag.  They're old, model SR-X mk3.  Also in the box was the adapter thingy to hook them up to your main speaker amp.  Model on that was SRD-7/SB.  I grabbed them, took them home and hooked it up.  They sound great.  Good bass response which was somewhat surprising, everyone says electrostats are no good for bass.  Maybe for floor standing speakers that's true but the headphones do just fine. 


So, did I just get a good deal or was it a steal?

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I think you did very well!  Any headphones for cheap that you enjoy are a steal!  I'm a bit of a Stax fan myself.  :)  Electrostatics are great, I think everyone should have a pair.

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You got ripped but if you'd like somebody to take them off your hands....LOL




SRXs are very under rated. They're wonderful if slightly lean phones. I also never thought them as bass shy as many claim. It is probably the least bass Stax made but other than comfort which is poor for extended listening, I still think they're excellent and better than a SR5 and a lot of the Lambdas.


 Unlike latter models the leads are crimped to push on connectors. They're all old enough now the soldering the wire where they're crimped and then pinching the connector a bit before reattaching to the driver will make them fuller by removing some resistance.

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It was your lucky day...nice deal. wink.gif

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Erm, yeah, I'm not going to disclose how much I paid for my SR-5/SRD-6 *blushes*, let's just say you got a really really good deal.


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How could that not be an amazing deal?! Congrats OP, you lucky bastard

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I love finding a special little something full of dust in the corner of a store that everyone else thinks is just junk.


Congratulations on your find.



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Originally Posted by lbj View Post

Erm, yeah, I'm not going to disclose how much I paid for my SR-5/SRD-6 *blushes*, let's just say you got a really really good deal.


I traded my beloved Grado HF-1 for that combo... I still feel like a fool for accepting the offer. I couldn't find any info on them at the time so I thought I was getting a fair trade.


I parted the combo out a while back for $100 :( :(

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$30? awesome..


I give you $40, what you think? biggrin.gif

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