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Very interesting, Kiteki! I've only heard the ATH ES10 and A2000X out of the headphones that you write about. I tried the A2000X out at a few Bic Camera and Yodobashi Camera stores while living in Japan. I only used MP3 players as sources, but still liked the spacious and detailed sound.

I think that the ES10 is sort of like a bassy and trashy stepbrother of the A2000X. Together with a good source it sounds very good!


I've actually found a pair of earbuds that sound very much like the A2000X, the old Aiwa HP-D9:



I'm still looking for a pair of Aiwa HP-V99 after losing the auction last year. I recently lost a pair of Aiwa HP-V9 on Ebay. I stopped bidding at €610. The auction ended at €805!!!


Anyway, the D9 are probably not as rare as the older V9 and V99, so you should be able to find it cheaper. It's definitely the most detailed earbuds I've ever heard, close to full sized headphones such as ATH A2000X. Bass is extremely aenemic. You have to use an insane amount of bass boost to get it to sound balanced. But the mids and highs!!! Just amazing!


Today I'm rocking my ES10 together with my Sony HD5, by the way.

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Kiteki: thanks. The ES10 is my favourite headphone of all time despite its flaws. Its stock pads are awful, however, and I never use them. Hence, I they remain on my headphone stand (an Ikea lamp). the Lambskin pads are a bit cheaper here so I will try to pick up a pair tomorrow from e-earphone and try them on my ES10. If new life is leased by these titanium masterpieces, you deserve a cookie.


Cheers expat for showing me this thread.

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You're welcome.


I'm now using these Chinese aftermarket Audio Technica velour pads on the ES10 as of yesterday - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ear-Pads-FIT-ATH-Audio-Technica-ESW9-ES7-FC7-Headphones-/251177370453


The bass levels are reduced so I think I'll keep these on.



I wonder if Tesla T1 velours will fit on the ES10?

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I found some ESW9 replacement pads here - http://headphones.com.au/psingle?productID=765


$75 including delivery is OK right?  Then I can send them to my g/f in Aus and she can take them to me.

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I am going to buy these SMH! I just bought the yamaha eph-100. Now I am debating if I should return them and stick with these or not. How strongly does the sound sig of the iem eph100 compare to these.


And Kiteki, is that place legit foe accessories? I too am interested in lambskin leather for cups.

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Hello guys so I'll try to answer some questions I saw while browsing this thread. I haven't looked at it for  while.


To get the cloudy effect I did with my phones. Watersand with at least 900 grit sandpaper in the same directions as the lines originally on the phone. Then use something like "Meglar's Scratch X 2.0" to remove the oxidation from the treatment. I didn't do it before I sold it to another member here unfortunately, but the second part is not a big deal, just a finishing touch. 


You can get leather earpads for these headphones. I remember reading somewhere that ESW10 JPN pads work for these phones as well. I think they have the same earcup diameter.



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Thanks but I think the esw10s are the same as the esw9 which is just a touch too small. The new 11s are the same size driver as the ES10 and look slightly bigger than the 9s so I am waiting.
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Originally Posted by dallan View Post

Thanks but I think the esw10s are the same as the esw9 which is just a touch too small. The new 11s are the same size driver as the ES10 and look slightly bigger than the 9s so I am waiting.

Waiting on the 11s cups? If so, where would you go to purchase them? What date are the 11s set to release? Thanks in advance.

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around Jan. for replacement ear pads from distributor.
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Hey everyone I am happy to report I am less reluctant to using the ES10's now, these aftermarket velour pads are king, try them 4 real - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ear-Pads-FIT-ATH-Audio-Technica-ESW9-ES7-FC7-Headphones-/251177370453


They are so comfy too I love them.  Less bass more music!

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Do you feel much heat after a prolonged listening session?
Do you prefer it to the lamb skin leather?
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I feel less heat with the velours and can listen for longer (less fatigue).



I haven't tried the lamb-skin, only the normal pads.  Actually I'm going to cancel my order, the lamb-skin pads are too expensive and complicated for some Italian lambs on my head with too much bass for my liking for extended sessions.



I have a Warbler on the way now too after much insane deliberation on my next amplifier.  I can't wait for the Warbler singing into my ES10 velour.

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The velour would seem to be good except for isolation.  My only real hesitation is that on that ebay sight it lists all headphones with smaller cups, ie the esw9 and es7 not the es10.

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You don't really need to hesitate since I compared them directly to the standard ES10 pads and the dimensions look identical, and they fit perfectly on my ES10's.



The velour doesn't sound perfect in all respects but I listen to my ES10's more now.

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So the pads are bigger than the esw9 earpads?  I know that both pairs are close but i just pulled them out and the es10s are actually bigger earpads.  The velour is supposed to be made for the smaller headphones with 40mm drivers so it just surprises me.  


Also can you expand on how it doesn't sound perfect.  For me the es10 is not as detailed as my Ed8's but much lighter and easier for casual portable use.  Also the bass emphasis, although giving it a more fun sound that may work out and about, is actually a bit to emphasized for me and takes a bit of getting used to when i put them on.

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