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Samsung provided earbuds.

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So my IE8 cable has been broken for a few weeks now. All this time that I am awaiting my new cable I have been using alternatives, such as: HD 280 and HD 595. 


Now the strangest thing happened to me... I favor the earbuds I found lying around in the closet that my mother got with her samsung smartphone. 


They are cheap plastic very lightweight. Low quality cable. But I like them alot! For example soundstage is rather good. Very clear sounds. Vocals sound clearer than I've ever heard.


Have I been away from my IE8 for too long? Or am I descending into madness? 

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This is also what I have found, I can clearly tell that my SM3 sounds better than my image s4, but when comparing my sansa eabuds and SM3, while having quite different sound signature, I can not immediately say that the SM3 sounds better than my sansa earbuds by a big margin, actually I find my sansa buds to be quite enjoyable.


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I enjoy the samsung earbuds. I find it a bit strange. But as always quality is not always price related.


Maybe it's because they are airier. I have been using closed and isolating in ears or headphones for the past 5 months. And have never touched my Hd555 after that. Well I used it 2 times this week but I heard no awesome sound I get from the small earbuds.



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I dont use any Samsung earbuds but when I decided to try my apple earbuds, I was blown away! The clarity, bass and SQ sounded very good and the only difference i could spot from my EBs is that they are bassier and the mids and highs are only a little better redface.gif Certainly gave me the biggest shock of my life!
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