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Hi guys just wanted to a quick review of the Ibasso D10 , bought it used a few days ago. This is not a full review just my impressions :)   


I've tried listening to songs on it via its headphone amp with XB700s, as well as using it as a DAC connected to my Darkvoice amp and to a pair of HD600s. Female vocals sounded pretty good and I was surprised how close the D10 performs compared to my previous dac, the cambridge dacmagic. Pleasantly surprised because I sold my dacmagic primarily to cut down on my audio setup, and I found that the Ibasso D10 is generally excellent. Note that I didn't A/B the two setups and am recounting based on memory. 


1. Detail-wise I think the DacMagic has slightly more separation, in terms of instruments and such. The D10 matches DacMagic in the vocals however, which sounded very clear and distinct, especially such details as intakes of breath and exhalations. In a blind test I might be hard pressed to tell the difference, especially in certain songs.


2. In terms of bass I would say that the D10 is a solid contender, as even through the headphone amp of the D10 I felt that the bass was pretty tight and punchy. However using the headphone amp of the D10 alone gives the the feeling of a slightly narrower soundstage, as compared to the Darkvoice where the details seem more spread out and airy. 


3. The Ibasso D10 does have a warm sounding quality, but not excessive, just that it does not provide a completely neutral sound. However, I like a little colouration now and then, and the sound signature of the D10 is pretty pleasing. 


4. One area which the DacMagic wins out is its upsampling qualities, of which the D10 lacks, so if you listen to songs recorded in 192kbps or below there would be a noticeable difference. I have some songs recorded in 128kbps tongue_smile.gif


5. Build quality of the D10 feels pretty solid, and the D10 looks quite sleek and well designed, if you might care for asthetics. 




Anyone else have their own impressions of the D10? please feel free to share bigsmile_face.gif