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Good Circumaural Headphones for under $30

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I need some circumaural headphones but my budget is tight, and cant spend more than $30 dollars.

I've seen the Skullcandy Hesh for $20: these may not be the best sounding but look good, are pretty portable, and have a built in mic and the chord is nice, even comes with a nice pouch.

I've also seen the Sony MDR-XB300, which ive seen for $25, these look a little better sounding, but are big and idk about any features or build quality.

I also saw the Audio Technica ATH-M20 for $25, these look pretty decent but have a really long (11ft) chord and idk how portable they are.

I listen to all music from hard rock, to hip-hop, to heavy metal, to dubstep, to pop, and classical. Please tell me which are the best in terms of value, like best sound, features, comfort, included accessories, and overall value. If there are any other options for under $30 then please let me know,

I greatly appreciate it,



Edit: I would also be considering some supraaural headphones such as the ATH-M3X 


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You can check this thread...very useful:


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Hey thanks a lot man!! Gonna check it out but personally, which would you buy considering all things?

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I recommend the JVC HA-S700 if you really want to stay under $30. Otherwise, the JVC HA-M750 and really good and only $20 more.

I got them for my gf and she loves them. There are plenty of other choices in that thread that was recommended.


Also, craigslist is your friend. There are many deals to be had.


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Thanks but ive been considering the Senn HD 218 refurbished on Amazon for $21 w/shipping. The seller has very good rating. How would those be, I know theyre not circumaural but i dont mind.

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