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I'm from Europe.

Talking about Aurvana, I don't like those tight leather pads. I've similar pads on my current headphones, and after ~2h of listening my ears hurt.

They are not tight at all, very soft, like couches. Even softer after some use and wash, but very soft to begin with. You can confirm this with another people's reviews about CAL. They are one of the most comfortable portable full-size cans.

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i have hd 428. they are not bassy. 438's are, they leans more in the mid section. as a matter of fact i use them with bass boost. i even moded them, they are full size and comforable.
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I don't know how much they will cost where you are, but my HD 448s are neutral, balanced, and VERY comfortable. I often wear them all day at work.

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I'm going to keep plugging them because I love them, but the HD 203s or the eh 150s are tops for their price range for me. And they aren't more than about $50.


A good ear pad for them other than the stock ones would be the Maxell DHP lls pads. If you want to buy a pair just for the ear pads, it's only $30.

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