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Upgrade SE215 for a Shure fan

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I've been a Shure fan for a couple of years now and have had experience of the lower end Shure looking to now upgrade/replace. Im mainly looking at SE315 but have been considering W2's or IE7's. Further more to this ive seen the positivity of the SE215s. I prefer good isolation without lots of bass but clear sound. Any thoughts and opinions ?






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Good isolation counts the ie7 out sadly.

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I was thinking that but i was waiting to see peoples opinion. If sound quality is that much better isolation can come 2nd.

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Reason i included Se215 was due to the good price wondering if the SE315 is enough better ?

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Since you're a Shure fan, you might consider starting with the SE215, then upgrading with custom silicone sleeves from Sensaphonics. The sleeves fit all the current Shure SE Series models, so that leaves you a clear upgrade path to the 315-425-535.

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Shouldnt i skip over the SE215 and go to the 315 as this seems a clear time to upgrade

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The 215 is dynamic and the 315 is balanced armature.

Maybe that makes the decision easier...

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I've heard mixed reviews about the 215. I haven't tried them, but I do want them just because of the price and structure. I'm not so sure I would like shures dynamic driver sets... However, that is only a personal opinion. I happen to like BA drivers more. It gives it a more neutral feel to everything. For example the 535s. Very flat straight throughout. Perfect for listening to philharmonics and artists like Pavarotti or Celine Dion. That too is my personal preference. Personally I wouldn't use a dynamic driver sets for artists like that. I would probably take out my Miles Davis Tributes or my 215 (if and when I get them) for artists such as Dream Theater and Rush just for the sake of clarity as well as a bass bias. If I were listening to Slipknot it would be my Monster Turbines (Gold). So maybe that will help you on your decision.


From what I hear there is a Bass favor with a decent amount of clarity. So if you like that go for the 215s. If you want a smooth transition into the 535s I would suggest getting the 315s. From what I hear the 315s is a smaller version of the 535s stripped from it's highs. "Highs are sometimes undetectable;" However its all a matter of what kind of music you like.

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Thanks alot it did help shame my music tastes vary between you choices for 215 and 315. 

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