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Hello, new here

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Hello guys I'm new here in the forum.

I came here because of the Multi-review thread that ljockerl made and I found it awesome. I hope I can contribute with my basic knowledge in this IEM world that I discover last year.


Cheers from Santiago, Chile (South America).


P.S: Does anyone knows how I can send more than 2 PM in a day?



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¡Bienvenidos a Head-Fi!

Feel free to contribute to any thread you like.

Your PM limit will increase the longer you are here and the more posts you make.

I hope you stay here and become part of the conversation!
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Hola Simon, bienvenido. es bueno tener mas hispanohablantes por aca, te aseguro qeu aun somos pocos.


mi conocimiente acerca de IEMs es muy limitado, pero si puedo ayudar en algo hazmelo saber.


y ... lo siento por tu bolsillo!

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Hola Simon, bienvenido a


Es una gran comunidad, asi q disfrutaras mucho de estar aqui. 


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Muchas gracias por sus saludos. Realmente no sé si escribir en español o inglés pero igual haré la traducción para ambos tongue.gif.







Thanks a lot for the greetings. I don't know if I need to write in spanish or english, but I'll translate it for both of them 





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Welcome to head-fi!


There are lots of interesting topics here, i have been learning more from the guys. See you around. 

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welcome to the forum 

hope you get what you came for

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De nada. Es bueno tenerte aquí.

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You're welcome. Good to have you here 


Google is my friend


Oh, and, sorry about your wallet...


Ah, y, lo de tu billetera ...

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welcome to the forum 

hope you get what you came for 

Poverty and arguments about what the best headphone/amp/DAC/music/cable/etc is.

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