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I'm going to try them with the Sony Hybrid tips. I believe these zeros have the potential to be great, but I can't seem to bring it out. I've tried many, many tips and some generic ones I ordered off of amazon are getting me closer. But I feel like I STILL haven't reached the full potential of these.


Your description of these as "truly wonderful but highly finicky" is spot on. if it's not the constant problems with getting the right's dealing with the extension cable needed to hear them out of both ears, or the fact that the L and the R are completely unreadable...or something else. Always something. But the potential is definitely there and it's become a bit of a holy grail to realize it. ]


Sony Hybrid Tips it is...


It's amazing how many posts here mirror my experience with these IEMs.



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Comply foams might be a better match with the RE-Zeros if your goal is to cut the brightness or add some warmth. They also isolate better than the Hybrids.

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