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RE-ZERO dissapointment

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Hey Guys

yet again, am kind of dissapponted with my RE-ZEROs

i mean, when my RE0s broke, my dealer said he doesnt have any 0s rite now, but a pair of ZEROs left.i brought them paying the cost difference.i had used the 0s for more than a week and was in the process of falling in love with them when they were mercilessly taken away from me.

so i brought the ZEROs, and i am kind of regretting it right now.the 0s became better with burn in, but these ZEROs have mids that i am not comfortable with.they are way too forward for me.i read all the reviews before buying the ZEROs in place of the 0s, and they said mids are better.but these mids here are not to my liking at all. and then, i feel the 0s had a lot lot lot better instrument, with the ZEROs, it seems like things/sounds are overlapping each other.

so far i've used fake sony hybrid tips, and the stock tips, all of them.the fake hybrids kill the treble somewhat (with a 6dB treble, fake hybrids, RB Fuze, it is good) but otherwise, not satisfied at all.

should i be giving them/myself some time?

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Definitely give them some time.  In the beginning I didn't like them at all so I set them aside because they came free with my HM-601 so I had nothing to lose.  I burned them for many hours before giving them another shot.  Now I absolutely love them and would not part with them unless something else really blows them away.  I purchased the SM3s recently and eventually sent them back because I preferred my Zero's.  That's not to say the SM3 were not good but the performance to value favored the $99 Zero's to the $350 SM3s.  The SM3s definitely had more bass punch but my Zeros had a better soundstage.  With that said I didn't burn-in the SM3 but I could tell they were used and returned to Amazon prior to my purchase from Amazon.  So in the end, the SM3 could get much better over time but at $350 I didn't want to gamble.  Had I not wanted to spend the money on other things the Zeros and SM3 could have been a dynamic duo in my set up.    



Wait a little while and burn in those zeros.  Just my opinion but you might be surprised at how good they sound in a week or so.  I was also a skeptic to burn-in being new to good quality audio equipment but the Zeros got a lot less harsher than they were at the start.



Also, I use the double-flange tips and provide a little extra amperage with my HM-601.

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Thanks WNBC

waiting for them to turn better,

but, i'd say i kind of was loving the way the 0s were sharp in their sound representation.

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If the RE0 is your ultimate signature then the Zero will be lacking most likely.  Definitely give them more time but be prepared that they wont become the RE0 if that is what you like.

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But i dont understand

what went so wrong here? why does it all sound thick?

all the reviews said they Zeros and 0s were very similar, and here we reach, the extension on the highs was what i was liking more i guess.tht gave the whole sound more harshness, and after burn in, the mids, all the sound got very silky.i wich it happens with these too.

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how many hours have you burned them in ?

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7-8 hours burn in.

the 0s had started showing their beauty at this stage i remember.

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patience is a virtue of the wise. wait until they are on the 50-hr mark and then come back here. Cheers.
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Hey Proedros and everybody

played a little with the EQ on my RB'd Fuze, kinda helped a bit.

people say RE0 have recessed Mids, i'd say ZEROs have way more forward Mids than the 0s.i mean my EQ right now has the 800Hz at -3.5dB.

called my dealer if i could get the RE0s again, giving him these back, he gave me a straight NO.

i dunno why.the Head-direct website even says that there's a 30day refund thing.but my dealer says no.

still in love with the 0s.


and hey proedros, the treble on these wont get more prominent than the mids, and i wont have the midrange thump the 0s had even after burn in right?

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I am guessing RE-ZERO is not for you. Many people here complain about RE0 being artificially thin and your taste is the polar opposite of that. No! even after 150 hrs, RE-ZERO will not become RE0. You can alter the balance somewhat with EQ, but it would not become RE0. Anyways, if you cannot return RE-ZERO, considering your constraints on spending, I'd suggest you give a week more to RE-ZERO. Don't ask it to metamorphose into RE0, but just see if you can like it as-is. Give it longer sessions with most of your music. In short, if you can't burn-in to make it sound to your liking, 'burn-in' your brain to it's sound.


If you don't like it even after that, the only way is to sell it, recover the money and order RE0 from Head-direct.

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thanks esanthosh

i guess that is the only thing i'd be doing, i mean the brain burn in thing.

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Hey Guys,

here's my take on the RE-ZEROs

to me, the ZEROs and the 0s sound very different (Contrary to the fact that many on the forum have said that they sound almost the same, and that i couldn't go wrong with any one)

They aren't same. Until the RE-ZEROs i have are defective, i can totally say they are way too different from each other.

And i feel, the mids here on the ZEROs are forward and not that the mids on the 0s are recessed, infact, the 0s give u silky mids after a good amount of burn in. on the ZEROs the voices of the singers arent sharp, crisp and full of detail.they are rather soft.

I miss the midrange thump, and the detailed bass. ZEROs dont have as detailed bass as the 0s. every groove on the 0s was visible rather than felt. after 7 hours of burn in they had started sounding good.

the treble is different on both. the treble on the 0s is a different dimension, their treble is effortless, no distortion until the song gives them distortion.

and well, the treble doesnt extend on the ZEROs very much seemed a it'll-be-ok to me.but its not ok at all.

Might even be, that the Mids are dominant, more dominant than the highs and the lows.Dont sound as good as the 0s at all.


and, for ones like me, who were asking, and will be asking which one of the ZEROs and the 0s is better, i just got one thing to say, the one that you hear first is going to be better.

for me the voices of the singers aren't sharp, as sharp as on the 0s.

when i had the 0s, i really liked Katie Melua, but from the time i've had the ZEROs, i sadly, havent liked to hear them.


My point here is not that the ZEROs are not good, but, to my ears, the 0s are better.and definitely, 0s have better bass detail.


All the above is a -to-my-ears- thing.




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I'm actually liking the Zeros more than what I remember of the RE0s. With a perfect-fit the bass texture is better as-is presence. The treble isn't as great (though still competent) but I'm loving the mids, even more so than the RE262s mids which sound a bit off to me. 

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Never heard the 0s, but to me your description of the ZEROs' sound is spot on. I have around 200h on them. Mine kind of lost treble extension with the burn in, and became even more mid-centric. However, the mid-highs also improved. If this will be enough for you, I don't know.

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@Wildstar, right?

i dont feel they'd change much with burn in.i like the analytical sound signature more is what i have learnt from this episode.

i can get better treble using some EQ, but i always seem to miss the midrangd thump of the 0s and the detailed bass.

I hope i can change back to the 0s again.

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