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Tried Rockbox... WOW!!

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After many satisfied years with the Apple firmware on my 30G 5th gen, I thought I would see what all the rockbox fuss was about.


Installation attempt one failed. rockbox would boot, but always crashed whenever I tried to build a database of my itunes directory.


Installation attempt two worked. I unchecked all of my videos, upgraded the small collection of DRM itunes I foolishly downloaded long ago, and reformatted the hard drive. This time rockbox had no problem building a database. I can’t say for sure what solved the issue; I simply went for the shotgun approach and knocked off anything that I thought could cause a problem. (DRM, Videos, Old and fragmented ipod directory).


HOLY CRAP! I used to hear an unrelenting hiss even if the music was paused. With rockbox the hiss is almost ZERO! I don’t know how to describe it in audiophile terms, but all of my music sounds clearer and more detailed! I feel like I’m rediscovering favorite songs now that I am able to hear subtle details that were presumably masked by hiss. In summary, everything sounds better! And this is just with N/A settings. Then I started playing around with the EQ and the Crossfeed. Oh man!


Uh... Sorry for the Twitter update and shameless plug for Rockbox, I’m just excited! I’m still a n00b to high end audio and have been chugging along for the last 1.5 years with Klipsch S4 IEM’s and my stock head phone out. Considering what I’m hearing from a simple software change, I’m drooling at the mouth to upgrade to some actual high-end headphones.


TL;DR – 5th Gen Ipod had a lot of hiss, installed Rockbox, hiss gone, music sounds way better!

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I tried rockboxing my iPod but experienced the same problem you had your first try. I restored my ipod back to factory settings and that was it. Maybe I should give it another try.

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I have a 1st gen 160GB iPod Classic, and have been waiting for a stable release for this model for SO LONG! It looks like there's a light at the end of the tunnel, however, and I'll be able to rockbox this thing soon enough. Your report makes me anxious to try it out. 


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