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Perhaps when there are production examples of what for lack of a better term might be considered the JH-3A v2, there can be a thread devoted purely to its performance, source component compatibility etc etc. Once they are actually out there I would hope there would be a natural tendency to focus on those topics. As somebody said, this thread could stay open but it might be helpful to segregate this v2 from the v1 as there already appears to be some differences that drive the discussion. I can tell you from my own experience that keeping all the information on the 3A parsed old from new and no longer relevant from relevant is a bit of a chore. Even as the specs were changing along the way for the v1 different potential source component options would seem to fade in and out of prominence just as an example. Virtually all of it that relates to the v1 is about to be obsolete I think.


Maybe a title like "first impressions of the production JH-3A, v2" might encourage a discussion that stays at that level of discourse.


A thread so titled might be in the offing in the next few weeks.