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I haven't found anything under $100 that I like more than the CAL!  My last attempt was with the SHP9500, which is a very nice open back headphone with excellent clarity for the price, but the lack of bass kept it from surpassing the CAL! in my estimation.  Of course that's comparing open and closed back headphones, which is not always a great idea, but in terms of enjoying the sound, I still preferred the CAL!

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If I want comparable sound quality, I need to grab my D2000, HD600 or LCD-2. And CAL! doesn't sound terrible even in this company. :)

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By the way, I tried the regular HM-5 pleathor pads on my CAL! for about a day and a half before I just had to take them off.  They seem to suck all the life out of the sound, placing your ears that much farther out from the drivers.

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Anyone still using them? I put them on more than not even if they need a little EQ to shine:

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So I remembered this article where Tyll from Innerfidielity measured the Harman reference listening room with his measurement rig. I had a go at crunching the numbers and did further creative interpretation by ear, ending up on a correction that I could approximate well with my prefered parametric bell filters:


You can see it suggests the CAL! have a strong high-bass oriented response and a high-treble peak at 10500Hz.

It would be interesting to hear another CAL! owners evaluation of this correction. The next step could be designing a passive EQ circuit.

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