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Wow..it's very impressive mod.

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Hi, i want to mod my CAL.


Some questions:


I have a Xonar U7 Soundcard, make it any sense that i want to recable my CAL, is there a significant difference of the audio quality?

And which cable would you take?


Mogami W2893?

or this sounds really good but i think a little expensive: http://forzaaudioworks.com/en/product.php?id_product=45

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Recommend to you Astruds  mod. Worth it - tried. Damping is more useful than recabling. Astrud is somehow speechless... 



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Any headband mods? I find it really hard on my head but I love the sound and earpads of the headphone!


Generally, I would love my cal to have other headband. Maybe headband fro other headphone would fit. It's a simple shape without cables inside, should not be hard to find or make one

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So non accessories like earpads and headband that would fit the cal! ?

User on another forum said I could try this. Would if fit our cal! ?



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