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Looking for new tips.

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I bought some Nuforce NE6 IEMs a couple years ago, with the help of this wonderful forum.  The stock tips are now starting to bother me, they don't seem to fit as well, and they also pop off the iem quite easily.


Can someone recommend some better tips, comply are about the only ones I have heard of.


Thanks in advance!

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I would suggest Sony Hybrids.
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I am not sure of the fit but Shure olives or UE tips?


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I've used both and the Shure foam sleeves felt more comfortable in my ears than the UE Foam sleeves. However, your ears are unique to you so you won't be able to get a definite answer from anyone. I would suggest to get the cheaper of the two =)

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Here is a review of the Sony, Shure, and Comply for what is worth. I am not sure if the above poster meant the UE foam or UE silicone, but the silicone are one of my favorites along with the Sony Hybrids.
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I meant the foam sleeves, but once again, preference of tips will vary from person to person

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Shure E2c silicone are a good improvement over NuForce OEM single flanges. Use the same size as what fits you best of the OEM selection.

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