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What's Up with CanJam 2011 ?

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Is anything happening this year for CanJam ?


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I have been wondering this myself.

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Based on conversations I've personally had with some of the would-be "movers & shakers" of such an event, it's safe to conclude that there won't be a CanJam 2011 (and the timing is far too late to initiate one now anyway - not speaking for anyone per se, but there are lots of factors that play into the timing of events like these). Look for a CanJam to happen next year though - and my guess is that it'll be in NYC.


There will however most likely be another "CanJam@RMAF" as it happened for the last 2 years. For more info on RMAF, see RMAF is Oct 14-16 in Denver, CO.


Here are links to the impressions threads for the previous CanJam@RMAFs:




While I personally prefer the individual, separate CanJam event, CanJam@RMAF is a very good thing too, and I'd highly recommend everyone who lives within a day's driving distance of at least Colorado (if not the larger West/Mid-West side of the country) to attend. The location and timeframe of CanJam@RMAF will never change - as RMAF is always in Denver (at the same hotel even), and it's always in October. It'll be 3 continuous days of everything headphone and speaker related all under one roof (and everything headphone-related will be in one room, if you're not into speakers).


If there are any questions about CanJam@RMAF or RMAF in general don't hesitate to ask.

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