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Would you shop at a store that only stocked Audio-Technica ?

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I guess its an extension of the Apple Store concept, albeit a little narrower. I know A-T make a lot more than headphones, but they are very much the focus of the listening stations:


Part of Audio-Technica's vision in opening the Lounge will be to enable users to try the products before they buy them. Accordingly there are 13 listening stations to allow visitors to check out a variety of headphone models. Seven stations feature the latest headphone release with a fixed music programme. The other six are integrated with a huge six meter lounge with comfortable cut-out seating spaces where shoppers can relax and experience the full impact of the headphones.

I read something at 6Moons that claimed the listening stations are all powered by Burson - HPA160 and 160D doing the amp duties. Given the rents Westfield would be charging and the undeniably upmarket positioning of the store, it will be interesting to see how they convert all the 'oohs' and 'aahs' into cash sales.

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If i were on AU, i would visit the AT store without hesitation. smily_headphones1.gif

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it'd be cool if the staff knows what they are talking about



*looks at apple store*

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Originally Posted by myloveilove View Post

it'd be cool if the staff knows what they are talking about



*looks at apple store*


I hear ya - the 'Apple Genius' has become a put-down, sadly.


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Aw, too bad they don't have an US store yet.

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I think we can all imagine ourselves sinking into those leather seats, sampling one pair of A-T after another whilst cranking up those Burson amps. My tip would be to go early on a Monday morning - the weekend/afterschool crowd at a shopping centre like this would totally ruin it for most of us.

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I wanted to go to the Sydney store when I was in Australia at Xmas, but was too busy to do so, regrettably. I was thinking of possibly having a Sydney meet there the next time I go.

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Judging by your avatar I'd say you're much too young to be organising all of that. biggrin.gif

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I would definitely shop there if I'm in the market for one of their headphones....


Infact... I was there today to try their ATH-W1000x and that headphones sounded quite good... better than my Denon D5000. I would definitely buy from them if their price is good enough.


As long as you know what you want and if the shop has it in stock then...why not?.... wouldn't really help you if you're looking to buy Denon or Beyerdynamic ....



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This would be my dream!

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An ATUS Lounge would have a very small selection of full-sized 'phones.  =\

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I recently went to the Audio Technica Store in Taipei. They have pretty much the entire available for you to try. I also got replacement pads for my M50's for a decent price. 

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Surely, with an interest. There are plenty of nice ATs in my experience - W5000, W1000, AD2000, AD1000PRM, AD900, AD700, CK10.

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I've been to spearit sound which only carries grados and the k601, although I talked to the owner who said he's getting some beyer's soon :)



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Yes definitely. I do like the A/T sound signature. Previously A900 now a happy W1000X owner.


This is a good development. Audio Technica hasn't really left Japan to get more exposure. No one you'll hear talking about Audio Technica here in Europe unless you were specifically looking for it. So I really do hope they'll open more stores like this. The option to audition headphones is a big plus. I could read tons of reviews but ultimately I want my ears make the decision before buying if possible.

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