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Hello everyone,


I will be ordering a Decware CSP2+ in the near future, and would also like to upgrade my headphones. I was looking at sets in the mid-300 dollar range. I currently have some Denon HP1000 and Audio Technica AD700- overall sound is decent, but I found it particularly bass-light and unable to handle some higher power levels.


The headphones I was looking at include:

Sennheiser HD600

Denon AHD2000

Beyerdynamic DT990 600

Beyerdynamic DT880 600.


...and a random one that might have some potential: 

Fostex 150RP


What do you think about these models, and does anyone know which synergizes the best with the OTL design of the Decware?

I listen to classic rock, power metal, classical/symphonic, classical crossover, vocal/opera, and techno.