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sounds like you are describing a great sounding hall where the sound carries without too many reflections. Where did you hear the Orpheus playing?

On a similar note, during a recent trip to Boston I heard Christian Tezlaff and the BSO playing the second Bartok violin concerto in their house. I was really impressed  by how incredibly delicate Tezlaff can be in his pianissimo and how well the sound, fainter than a whisper, would carry up to the second gallery.

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It was in Charlotte, NC. There's a very large (and well funded) community college right on the edge of uptown called "Central Piedmont Community College". They have a 1,020 seat "opera house" style theater with balcony, little box seats up on the sides and everything. I think it does have good acoustics, it's a modern construction just five years or so old and they do a monthly classical concert music series (not part of the college, sponsored by a local classical music society) as well as have plays and musicals.

I think it benefitted from only having about 600 bodies in a 1000+ seat hall but still it sounded pretty good, at least in the prime seats. Live without being echo-y is probably not the easiest thing to build in to a theater. We have a similar modern theater at the University of South Carolina, it is actually right next door to the building I work in. Maybe twice that size or a bit bigger. You definitely have to work harder to hear softly played music from say 20 rows back in that one but it also have very "clean" acoustics with no discernable reflections in any of the few places I've sat over the years.
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Anywhere. I love live performances.

Some seats might be better than others, but that's not the point of a live performance. The experience of being there is most important.
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Where do most people consider the prime listening location at an orchestra performance? Is being too close more detrimental to hearing the full picture than being too far back?


there's no hard and fast guide as far as I'm concerned. from the pricing structure in different halls, you can often gauge some things about its acoustics, but that's distorted also by prestige - in short, to see AND BE SEEN is why some might plunk down for certain seats. then, your own hearing and your own listening preferences play an important role. some people like full-frontal immersion, others like to hear the room and listen to the situation in context, as it were. not too long ago I was able to catch two sets of the same jazz ensemble back to back, but chose different seats - once up front near the piano, but (my preference) away from the drums (which can become overpowering depending on the room, and one supposes the drummer), and once way back near the bar ;-) and depending on the mood of the room, the latter seat can be just as intense and enjoyable, but with a different emphasis. then, with voices it's probably best to be close - and what a rare pleasure to be up close to a really excellent singer who lets loose! nothing in stereo technology can fully reconstitute that experience. and finally, with classical orchestras, I like to sit where I can observe my favorite section, which in turn depends on what is being played (e.g. some symphonies have the most elaborate percussion deployed and it's great fun to see exactly what they're up to, although they can sometimes be partly hidden in the back left of the stage).

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