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Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones

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I’ve been looking into the Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones after stumbling upon them at BestBuy. I thought it’s possible to use these wireless, cause they work on batteries and have a separate wire. After googling this I found some conflicting results that you have to use a separate device or not… So.. does anyone know whether I can use the headphones wirelessly?

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No, they are wired only, they just have a detachable cable for replacement.

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Also they are pure crap. There are loads of better headphones out there for less money. You have been warned.

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No you cannot use them wireless. I suggest you buy a better and cheaper wired headphone..look into Sennheiser or Audio-Technica products on amazon.

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so I was strolling past the big Apple store in Regent St. (London) today, and decided to go listen to the Monster Dre's headphones again, just in case the first impression I got last time was wrong - it was. this time they sounded even worse.

first I tried the Solo's. these HP's are a joke. I could not believe the sound these HP's make. I asked one of the store guy if he could listen to them for a sec. - to check if they're working properly, and he said there's nothing wrong with them. I said to him, in front of everybody, "man, they sound awful!!", and he look at me with an expression of disbelief. the retail price is a friggin' joke - I'd value them at $15 top - a pair of PX100's would outperform these easily. unbelievable.  
then I tried the Studio's. better, much better, compared to the Solo's, that is. at the least they had some beat to it,  but really not good - very poor balance. anybody who says that these HP's actually sound good should have their membership removed...(I kid). it seems to me like very basic technology has gone into these HP's. if their retail price was half, it'd still be a rip off. I feel sorry for the consumer who pays premium prices for something that is in effect junk. I really dislike this company.
then I moved to the B&W P5's. I enjoyed listening to these - they've a lively, forward sound (it seems B&W has retain their house sound with these), but I'd disagree with most of the rave reviews I read on blogs and magazines alike. I wouldn't mind a pair - they'd make a fine portable HP, yes, but they're overpriced. I'd say $200 is a fairer price for them.
then I passed to the Bose QuiteComfort's. not bad. not bad at all - but still, not good either. strong bass that's boomy and overshadow the sound spectrum. it's disappointing that with all sound-research Bose claim to do they cannot produce a friggin' audiophile HP.
next the Klipsh Image One's. these sounded pretty good. nice balanced sound. however, they lacked energy. sort of weak, almost boring sound. if you suffer easily from fatigue these might make a good choice.
last the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II's. actually I tried them second, but I got back to them after all the others. I don't know what the view of these HP's are here since I'm on a leave from HP's, and don't follow thread/read review much, but these HP's surprised me. I really liked these a lot! they've a good balanced sound that's open, energetic, fun, yet controlled. the bass has a slam, and is much present, yet not bloated. these are truly audiophile HP's. I didn't want to take them off. huge respect to Sennheiser for producing quality audio products.
I guess that's what you get if buy products from companies that specialise in it - unlike Monster's that will produce whatever sell best. /rantangry_face.gif
[disclaimer: all IMO]

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Pretty much mirrors 90% of the forum's view towards beats biggrin.gif

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If you're going into best buy then pick up a pair of the Sennheiser HD 203s. They sell em there. Like $50 or something close to that, and they sound really nice. I'd say they are among the best sounding headphone that they sell at Best Buy, if not THE standout model (even if you compare em to the other Sennheisers).

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glad to hear that smily_headphones1.gif

Originally Posted by brasewel View Post

Pretty much mirrors 90% of the forum's view towards beats biggrin.gif


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My son has a pair of Dre Studios, so I have listened to them a few times.  As you might expect, the bass is overemphasized, skewing the tonal balance.  They actually do not sound horrible, but for the same price you can do so much better.  My advice is to walk out of Best Buy and find an audio store where you can listen to some Beyerdynamics, Sennheiser, AKG, Audio-Technica, Ultrasone, etc.  Find the sound that best matches your personal preferences.  If there is no retailer near you with these brands, read up and buy online.


"Beats by Dr.Dre" is a triumph of genius marketing and distribution by Monster, following the Bose business model but adding bling style factor.  (Note how the AKG Quincy Jones models are trying to jump on that train!)  If you are really thinking about spending that much, you will be better served elsewhere.


By the way-- the batteries power an active noise-cancelling system.  In theory, it is supposed to help block external noise while you listen.  Um, yeah, ok.

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Originally Posted by JerseyD View Post

My son has a pair of Dre Studios

How can you live with yourself!?

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Wow, another beats thread.



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Yes. I wonder if Monster looks at this forum biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by brasewel View Post

Yes. I wonder if Monster looks at this forum biggrin.gif


If he/she/it does, then my message is: ,,|,,

Hate companies that exploit people who knows no better, ie mostly kids that fall for it because "it's the thing to have" and fear of being "left out" otherwise but also the way of forceful marketing/forcing top athletes, celebrities in music and any special events and such as Idols where they are using Beats Pros in the studio you have to watch every single time in-before their performance etc... 


I like it when a product is so good it doesn't need any marketing, the product markets itself kind of like with Sennheisers I'd say for example, lots of people know that brand for sound quality.


We as fellow audio enthusiasts also got our responsibility to try and bring out the word what's really good and not. It's like when games are being reviewed by the different big online reviewing sites lots of people will form an opinion about it based on that. It's like a hierarchical system, the news spreading from the "top" (from the people in the "know" which obviously isn't always the experts themselves either I admit but you get the meaning) to more common people. Monster then again bypasses this system and is more like the opposite, walks from the "bottom" towards the top by persuasion amongst other things.

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Originally Posted by brasewel View Post

Yes. I wonder if Monster looks at this forum biggrin.gif

Yes, and they have a rep here too.


He setup the Turbine Pro review programs.

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I have a pair of Sennheiser HD555's that I listen to all day every day at work.  They sound crisp, clear and I love them.


...But then I listened to the Dre Studios while burning time at the airport... and they certainly weren't better, I wouldn't trade... but they were more fun.


I'm sort of a car guy so forgive the metaphor, but my Sennheisers feel like a Mercedes S-class, perfectly engineered, perfectly smooth, perfectly average.  When listening to jazz or blues or pretty much anything acoustic, that's what I want-- but most of the day I listen to Tupac, Lil Wayne, Daft Punk and other deep, deep bass music.  If the Sennheisers are a flawless Mercedes, the Dre Studios are a Dodge Viper-- poorly balanced, flashy plastic and just way more fun.


I don't want to downgrade from my HD555's but I want something fun to listen to all day.  If I put a stupid, ridiculous amount of bass on the list of requirements, what quality, head-fi-approved cans would you guys recommend?  Open or closed, I can deal with either.  I prefer a detachable cable with an 1/8" jack but the fun-over-quality is what I admit I'm after.


...I'll keep my fire extinguisher handy. ;)

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