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For Sale:
FS: AKG K240 MP Sextetts (middle production)

Will Ship To: CONUS

After I sold my first pair of Sextetts I kind of got seller's remorse and decided I missed the sound signature of the super-fun Sextetts too much. That was back when I had the K701 as a main pair of headphones. Now that I have the K501s, the role the Sextetts would have played can be occupied by the K501s, which are almost as detailed as the K701 but more well-rounded and slightly bassier. Thus, this pair of Sextetts hasn't seen much use in a while. I would prefer to let someone else listen to a little bit of AKG vintage magic rather than let them sit on my nightstand. The previous seller said he cleaned out some of the deteriorating foam, replaced the headband, elastics, and pads with new parts direct from AKG. The side buttons are in bad shape, but will be included. I'm looking to get back what I paid, so I'm selling for $.

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