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For Sale: FS: AKG K601

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For Sale:
FS: AKG K601

Will Ship To: CONUS

Up for sale is a set of AKG K601 headphones. I really only got them to find out what the velour pads were like on the K501, and to find out where they stood between the K701 and the K501. They're in great condition with no noticeable scratches or dings. Looking to get back what I paid, $145 shipped CONUS. Please send me a PM if you're interested or have questions. Thanks!

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So, could you summarize your findings?  How do they stand between in K601 and the K701?

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Well, I'll just post my impressions here - this was my PM to walfredo.


I didn't actually spend very much time with the K601s, mostly because I'm getting sick of comparing headphones that sound so similar, and the many variations I wanted to try with the K501 (with the K601 pads, K701 pads, with the K601 and K701 foam donuts - which contribute a lot to the sound). Generally, I can say that they sound much more similar to the K701 than either do to the K501. K601 bass isn't nearly as punchy as the K701, but it has a little more of it. The soundstage is smaller, but more integrated - the K701 soundstage sounds artificially wide, whereas the K601 soundstage is large but complete. This is due to the angled pads the K701 uses, confirmed by pad-swapping on the K501.


Alas, the K601s don't fit on my enormous noggin well, and can't be ghetto-expanded like I did with the K701 (moving the adjustment part up above the fixed part of the headband, a reversible mod). As a result I could never wear them for more than a few minutes at a time without pain or pressure, and I don't think I could ever get a proper seal with the pads unless I held them in place.

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price drop

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