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Did you listen to the whole song? And using good headphones? I thought that song is exquisite song and it really showcases his technical prowess and brilliance and is a great example of synthetic  / organic hybrids. I think at least half of the synths were sampled vocals. He sure has deep expertise from his decades with Orbital.

Yeah, I've listened to it a few times, and I really enjoyed it once we get to the half-way point where the drums kick in. The first minute or so with the narration is not really my thing, although I understand what he wants to express with that narration. The next part with the bell/chime/vocal parts is fine and I have no problems with it. However, it's when the drums kick in that the track really came alive, not just viscerally, but the entire arrangement became more complex and layered, with melodic and harmonic movement/progression. And then it just gets more and more intense towards to end. I think it's one of his best tracks, but the first half with the narration and the build-up was not as compelling as could be for me. If we take out the narration and shorten the build-up to about half as long, then this track would be a lot tighter.


As for the rest of the album, all those songs with guest vocalists just isn't my thing (I feel the same way about the singing on the Altogether album). The kind of vocal stuff Orbital did with Alison Goldfrapp back during the snivilisation era was far better IMO. 


I actually have a pretty excellent system--probably one of the better ones on head-fi. My mastering monitors are Klein + Hummel O 300D's with Neumann KH 805 subwoofer, in an acoustically treated music production studio, and running IK Multimedia ARC System 2 as the final piece in the signal chain. At my listening position, I have pretty much perfect linear frequency response from 23 Hz to 20 KHz, and excellent stereo imaging. 

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Autechre's latest has some really good stuff on it, but you'vd got to smash through hours - literally 😝
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This is so good... Perfection...


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Chill tune.


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I found this guy a few days ago while looking for binural music and I found this!! Ears4D is also on cd baby, itunes, google play music, and spotifiy.

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Hello to all , Sharing my 1st post here , my All time favorite ASOT 600 Miami 2013.. although the volume of the official UMF recording on this set is very much on the low side , at least playing on mobile , but it would be totally different feel if you Amped it up , I very much enjoyed this set amped with my E5 .

Here I present to you , Armin van burden »»»» ASOT 600 Miami .

hopefully every single hifi basshead on this thread would enjoy this set as I do .

Amped it up ! Play louder ! Sit back . Enjoy
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Alternatively , if there are those preferred playing other than YouTube .

There's a set on Mixcloud which is much more louder than the YouTube version which you can DL .


Enjoy the Trance .
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Richard & Mike re-issued their 1996 collaboration with seven unreleased cutz:


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