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Originally Posted by DecentLevi View Post

Hello @Eurobeat, regarding your post on the last page. That's interesting, I actually wasn't aware of the the name Eurobeat, but I have heard that style before. This is definitely popular in Japan, and is similar to J-pop which is a tad slower.


Regarding video game music, there is actually a sub-genre called 8-bit; this is a more primitive type of electronic music in which at least part of it is made with vintage technology like modded video game consoles or synths that make an 8-bit type of sound, and some of it is still made (although I'm not a fan of this style). Here are some 8-bit mashups I found from the '8-bit universe' channel on Youtube:

All About That Shake (8 Bit Cover MASHUP Version) [Taylor Swift vs Meghan Trainor]


There are also several dozen online streams (commercial free online radio stations) for video game music, that you can find by searching "video game" on www.shoutcast.com. My favorite is:

Slay Radio

http://www.slayradio.org/home.php (listen links on the left)

Yup there is "Eurobeat" " Para Para" "Jpop" "Kpop" "Eurowave," etc that fits into that style.

8-bit music is the music that had to be produced for older gaming systems due to hardware limitations.  The music is very popular, still exists and is created today.  8-bit has a set of rules under it to actually be deemed "8-bit," however there is another sub-genre called "Chiptunes" which is labeled after "8-bit" sounds, but might not necessarily be 8-bit or fall under that "Rule" of 8-bit.

Thanks for the links, but I normally get my music direct from the artists or from "Overclocked Remix," which is most likely the biggest resource for VGM remixes.


Originally Posted by DecentLevi View Post

Also Mr. Eurobeat, that's a totally relevant question on which headphones are good for electronic music.


Personally my favorites are Senn. HD 650 and Beyerdynamic DT 770. Although I haven't tried it much, I would definitely recommend AKG K712 for those electro tunes also - it seems to have the perfect tonality and treble presentation with a just right soundstage. As far as in-ears, I have found that it's more difficult to find earphones that sound good with electronic music... maybe 1 out of 6. But I would definitely recommend the above more than the Oppo's, like PM-1, 2 or 3 which have a somewhat overall muddy/dark sound and lacking detail (referring to the PM-3's at least which I've also tried)

Thanks for the headphone rec, I've gotten a few Audio Technica recs from MRS7, to 50x, to 900x.  I've gotten the Senn rec a few times, and I think the AKG once or twice before.


Originally Posted by nmatheis View Post

Agree about avoiding Oppo for electronic. If you want planars go for HiFiMan. My HE400 are great with electronic.

For IEM, I enjoy TPEOS Altone200, Trinity Delta, and VE Duke.

Thanks for the comments.

I also wanted to mention I like more "chaotic" type VGM, which would be stuff like this with a lot of sounds


I also enjoy a lot of songs from the user "WillRock"

  tons of good synth.

And because we were just talking about 8-bit...

and a billion other Mega Man and similar songs....

MegaMan is definitely tops when it comes to VGM.

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A record that should satisfy all you dub / ambient / tribal / trance fans:


Banco De Gaia - Apollo (2013)

"For nearly two and a half decades, Banco de Gaia has been consistently redefining world electronica, with his music leaving an indelible footprint on the global scene, sparking many a dancefloor and inspiring countless musicians to follow. His sound has been at the forefront of blending acoustic and electronic sounds, integrating themes and techniques from cultures and traditions the world over.

Apollo is Banco's first new studio album in 7 years and brings together heavy dub beats, powerful vocal arrays, and lilting melodies, drawing inspiration from both old and new schools of sonic artistry, and in doing so blending the subtle flavours of the act's historical sound with modern day techniques and ideas."


Also, am I'm sure all of us already know, the real CD or FLAC sounds immeasurably better than Youtube rips



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The grammy award winning kings of big-beat revive the dancefloor again with their first proper full length album since 2010's 'Further'

Chemical Brothers - EML Ritual  [ Born In The Echoes (2015) ]


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Sweet! I can't wait for Evil Nine to come out with something new. After "They Live" they went on this 90s dancehall kick and disappeared after a couple 'meh' to 'okay' teaser songs.
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Originally Posted by B9Scrambler View Post

Sweet! I can't wait for Evil Nine to come out with something new. After "They Live" they went on this 90s dancehall kick and disappeared after a couple 'meh' to 'okay' teaser songs.


Speak of the devil...I just found out they've been working a side project, Mao Ra Sun. This is some solid stuff:





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