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Originally Posted by TJ Elite View Post


Shingo's new album is finally available on digital distributors and Spotify today. Go check it out!


Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/06hyq0iuaAOy4oH2hNENYW

Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/days/1253632

iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/days/id823381443


I got an eargasm with this music. :L3000:

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Two great artists: #1 Moxix #2 Omnitica... Both are on soundcloud, omnitica is also on YouTube. Moxix isn't on YouTube though.
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A song by each... Omnitica: Straw Hat Pirates Instrumental. Moxix: Rage
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For those who missed my album recommendation two pages back.


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Oh, I have another one! "Heddy Bitsh" by spag heddy... Wait, I'll put a list of songs by spag heddy then. Nostalgibra, Ai carambass, limitless, 10k tomato bass, and sine time.
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Machinedrum - What U Wanted 2 Feel


Machinedrum - Gunshotta


Sepalcure - No Think

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I recommend familiarizing yourself with Escenda if you haven't already listened to their music. They like to experiment a lot and never really want to make the exact same song twice. Also group's Mary Marchenko has a wonderful voice, which you sadly won't hear on this track.


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Man does this sound good on the Q40's.. 


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I'm super looking forward to this!

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Originally Posted by kkl10
Sepalcure - No Think

Like me some Sepalcure:L3000:



Listening to Conforce - Kinetic Image. Awesome on the TH-600.

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Originally Posted by xkonfuzed View Post

I'm surprised nobody hear listens to Hardstyle or Techno frown.gif

here are two hard style song I can't stop listening to





<3 those melodies

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I know a majority of you probably hate Skrillex, but I thought Recess was pretty damn good. Skrillex is a pretty mainstream artist, and he totally could have gone the safe route and stuck with his old style for this album, but he didn't, and I respect him for that. The production on it is really top-notch and the sound engineering is well done. Fire Away is definitely my favorite track, so if you normally hate Skrillex or don't feel like wasting your time listening to the entire album, at least give that song a try. If I had to rate the entire album, I'd give it an 8.5/10

Also, since this is my first post on this thread, I feel like I should let you guys know that brostep is not my favorite genre of electronic music. I prefer stuff like IDM and breakcore, and all of their sub-genres.
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I had no problem with skrillex's old style. It was decent, and his new style is decent, but all of his songs give off a sense of deja vu when listening to an entire album. Just a lack of creativity on his part. Too mainstream to have to work hard at music.
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