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Machinedrum - Rise N Fall


James Ruskin - Slit


James Ruskin - Cabin Fever


Orphx - Lost Again


Autechre - 1 1 is

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Sit back in ur favorite chair with a nice drink and enjoy this:


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l.a. - follow me down



Truly wonderful.




Here's another.




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Senking - Capsize Recovery - 08 Enduro Bones :basshead:


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Tranceformer Yuno's first mini album has been out for a few days now. It is currently sitting at #7 on Beatport's trance chart which I find surprising and incredibly awesome. Many of these songs (perhaps even all) are available as free downloads, but I'm certainly going to pick up my copy to show my support as soon as I get some money wired to my PayPal. The release is Beatport exclusive until the 24th, after which you can also pick it up on Juno Download and iTunes Store.

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Fyre - Away From Home (Album: Snowflakes IV)
[Free download] http://raumklangmusic.bandcamp.com/album/snowflakes-iv


Aphelion - "Mechanized" (Album: Mechanized EP)
[Free download] http://raumklangmusic.bandcamp.com/album/mechanized-ep


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Filthy as song! Would be sick live :D

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Originally Posted by nehcrow View Post

Favourite song of 2014 thus far, it will take a lot to beat it though... god damn... chills everywhere

love andrew bayers music, his sets suck though for me.. its to much of his music.. a good dj set needs a mix of your music + good tracks to fil in. He plays too much of his own. Saw him live

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If you don't know who he is, and love classical, 8 bit and dubstep, give Savant a few hundred listens. 8 albums released in 2 years? I think he releases a song every 5 days. He is a god. I've been listening to almost strictly Savant. http://www.savantofficial.com/discog/

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Savant - Red Claw = Super Wicked Dubstep!!

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I agree about the Savant stuff, I stumbled across him listening to Infected Mushroom and Friends Vol 2. Then I went and snagged a bunch of his albums. Great music and sound even better on great full range speakers. 

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What a glorious remix.


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Originally Posted by TJ Elite View Post

What a glorious remix.



I find those kicks to be nauseating. I'm only using HE-500's..

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Freeform for a change:




More similar stuff: https://soundcloud.com/finrg-recordings

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