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Hey peeps. It's been quite a while since I've been here last. I don't have much else to offer than dnb again. My sig's music is pretty out of date too, but still damn good tracks. 


I've been getting lots of dubs lately from writing for DNBDose.com. I WISH I could share some with you guys but most of them don't have previews on SC or YT until the reviews are written and ready to be posted. 


But there's lots of gems in dnb that need to be shared that most likely haven't been shared here ;) lol 




^Love introing this one with a scratch


And a good ol' dnb raver feel good anthem 


I got some aggressive and more dancey stuff, but I just bought a whole bunch of tunes to spin with, and these few are some nice audiophile treats I think. I have hundreds of tracks I could go through from the last few months, these ones have just been in my mind lately.

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Originally Posted by wes008 View Post

All of the artists were forced to use UrbanEars :p and they were selling them at the merch tables.  I do hope you get the opportunity at some point! Although being in Sweden, you probably have better events with the same artists closer to home ;)

We actually used to have these illegal, drug filled rave parties in the forests. They were pretty awesome to visit for .. eh, educational purposes .. although, we didn't exactly have "world class" artists spinning records. ;)


I'd love to go to Germany to some of their huuuuge EDM parties.  


Originally Posted by nehcrow View Post

admittedly clean drugs combined with responsible use (which is very hard for some people) = safe + fun time. but this is rare

get plastered on alcohol isn't necessary better and more healthy... just more technically legal i guess

but i digress..

I agree. I don't use anything myself (except for caffeine and nicotine), but I don't like being around excessively drunk or drugged up people. Moderately drunk or drugged people are okay though. It's just that in my experience, people tend to lose control more with alcohol than mdma for instance. Oh well, who cares though. As long as they aren't being agressive a-holes.

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people on MDMA are always nice :) never seen a rude person on it ever

alcohol turns everybody into a cocky people, myself included :\


also, curious to what everybody's favourite EDM headphones are :D
currently digging the Mad Dog 3.2 for EDM

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Seeing as "MDMA" is no longer MDMA, this conversation is kinda pointless. "Molly" has been pretty much taken over by drug cartels and the like since nobody is scared of it. It isn't even MDMA anymore, probably hasn't been for a long time (unless you got a friend who you know for a fact is making it pure). If you go to an EDM show and buy "Molly", the last thing you're going to get is MDMA. Here is an article that I think is worth reading: http://www.kissmyangeles.com/view/story/finding_molly . For me, there is no music I love more than EDM, but there is no culture I hate more than the EDM culture...


As for favorite EDM headphones, HE-4 :)

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Alright, let's not turn this into a drug debate. Stay on topic, ppl! (www.dancesafe.org tho)



Originally Posted by Thujone View Post

As for favorite EDM headphones, HE-4 :)

I've always wondered how they (and the HE-400) sound with EDM! 

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Originally Posted by wes008 View Post

Alright, let's not turn this into a drug debate. Stay on topic, ppl! (www.dancesafe.org tho)



I've always wondered how they (and the HE-400) sound with EDM!

I agree, I apologize for stirring the pot.


The HE-400 is in second place for me. They are both phenomenal headphones. I have only recently received the HE-4 and I did a quick review between the two of them and put it in the HE-4 thread if you are interested. The speed and texture of the bass make these two cans much better for EDM than any others I've tried.

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Flux Pavilion has a new EP. The songs from it have been released on soundcloud for a while now but anyway, I didn't find it to be as good as the last EP but this is one of my favourite songs from it.....

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A great new tune from Tranceformer Yuno. Free download on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/tranceformer-yuno/asayake-original-mix

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Liking the deadmau5 EP!

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Volor Flex & Encode - Altiplano



Another Bandcamp discovery. For fans of Burial etc.

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Got a Headstage Arrow 3G today. Its bass boost compliments some songs nicely(though it's way less subtle than my Neco v3's boost). Currently enjoying this:



and especially this:

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Lars Leonhard - Stella Nova



The American Space Agency NASA spotted Lars in 2013 on Youtube and is currently illustrating its scientific explorations videos with his compositions. The track "Stella Nova" was chosen for their latest video : Goddard Multimedia Item 11387 - Five Days of Flares and CMEs. 


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Here's some tracks I got on Beatport today.





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Originally Posted by TJ Elite View Post

Here's some tracks I got on Beatport today.

I'm waiting for the next round of coupon codes to come out on December 2nd to purchase a bunch of tracks I have in my hold bin. In one of the last emails beatport sent me they said that one will be the biggest discount of the year.

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