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So no digital coaxial or optical out? frown.gif
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

So no digital coaxial or optical out? frown.gif

Not that I know of sadly, yea not the best PC Audio set up on this green earth... but I'm wondering... I'm using a 'newer' audio something connector on my Mother Board... wonder if I get better sound if i switch to the old one... I say that because crappy old Dells at the College sound better that my fancy new system here -.- 




*switches cables*


I have AC 97 and "Hd Audio" Cables, DH AUdio sounds better, also OMG I HAVE SPDIF_O... theres a 2 pin connector on my Mother Board with "SPDIF_O" on it... so I assume I DO have Sony/Panasonic Digital Interface [is that right?]


So yea I have SPDIF I think... 


Also I started streaming Digitally Imported though Foobar and used the Eq... that helped <3 





Massive tunes! There's a free set there too! And some free tunes... good stuff <3

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"Everything that Fred V and Graphix touch turn to gold"

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Yeah pretty much.


Originally Posted by Jerms View Post

"Everything that Fred V and Graphix touch turn to gold"

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Originally Posted by MorbidToaster View Post

Yeah pretty much.



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Ishome's "Eva" EP can be streamed on her SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/ishome/sets/ishome-eva-ep-proton-music/



Hell, here's some HSP as well. The artist has actually offered this song as a free download. Here's the link: http://eucaly.net/~k_hiro/mp3/phantom.zip


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Originally Posted by TehJam View Post

My god:


Today is a good day...

This should make it an even better day





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Here's something worth checking out.

Suvjet - Gunq

I like this style.
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I just found out about an interesting album called "Tales of the Beginning" by an artist called Tri-Force. You can listen to the previews here: http://soundcloud.com/tri-force-jp/sets/tri-force-tales-of-the-1/

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Sorry, I'm going to jump in here without reading the whole thread (I don't have that much spare time!) and ask if anyone's made, or asked for any recommendations for "old school" drum n'bass?


I have really wide taste in music but had a few years of being totally obsessed by Dn'B in its golden period (I was doing quite a bit of amateur DnB production then too): huge fan of Teebee, Matrix, Photek and Klute, most classic RAM, Virus, Hospital etc...late 90s-ish.


I know America was a little late in discovering Dn'B so is anyone else here still listening to this period, or am I alone?? (I actually searched the thread for "Optical" and only had hits for "optical or coax"blink.gif)

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this is just limited to house DNB dubstep.  or can we have some of the "harder" genre's as well? 


i personally like dj-ing j-core and hardcore/hardstyle  music  not really into dubstep but its ok in moderation dubstyles also.  


j-step from  shandy kubota (usao) 



some hardstyle (150bpm)  shingo's my fav hardstyle producer 


sharpnel is just fun 


my fav hardcore producer.  helblinde! 



and in the words of shingo "NOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!"    one of the best j-core producers out there.  all his tracks are gold. 


and my first mix i did.  horrible i know lol. 

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Yea if you have harder styles go for it, this is the Electronic Music Exchange, if it's eletronic I don't think any one will complain! I also enjoy a little hard style but sadly my Cans do not like Hard Style... it's to mid bassy >.> 

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Another discovery I made last night.

Electronic / dubstep / ambient.

Point B - The Veld.

Has a Clubroot / Phaeleh feel to it. v
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I would think this band needs some props as they were certainly a major influence for an emerging electronica scene. Great album by the way (Violator, 1990).


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Originally Posted by Mshenay View Post

No not at all, I was simple making the comment that I enjoy older artist works more than newer ones. When the music was made doesn't dictate wheater it is good or bad, I'm simply commenting on a trend that I notice within my own tastes, in addition I expressed an exception to this trend in that the music of Beck Hansen I always enjoy... I like his old works and his new works equally... where as with other artists like Liquid Stranger I prefer the older to the newer... is his new stuff bad... no but I don't like it <3


Also Sonic, how do you like the dt 880 for DnB and Electro? I'm getting a pair my self very soon, I'm going to pair it with a e11 and a Hifiman Hm 601. My aim is to get a nice warm brightness to my Nu Jazz [which actually could fit in this section seeing as it's Eletronic] My xb700's are pretty terrible really... they do only one genre good and are very DARK... still how do you like the dt 880s for Drum n bass? 


Also here's some Nu Jazz 


Which ironically sounds pretty nice with an Unamped Xb700 [so amped dt880 should be magical] 


More nu Jazz


Sorry I have been so late responding, I have been very busy. Love the 880s for every genre of electronic music I have heard. When I first researched the 880s I came across several experienced posters who felt the 880s were tops for electronica and I can't disagree. The only down side is power (if you go 600ohm model). They aren't efficient 96 or 91db I think so you need some juice. I have an E11 and it can't power them at all, however if your speaking about say the 80ohm version I use a DT770 80ohms with my E11 and they are very well powered. The 880s are brilliant and without a doubt are killer for electronica. The 880s have a fast, and realistic feel for most everything, plenty of detail without being so very revealing meaning I don't find them analytical. I have no problem recommending them to anybody. If you do go that route I would love to hear your impressions. I know at a meet early this year I brought my rig and a head-fier there was so impressed that he bought a set within a few days for his Bottlehead Crack with Speedball. Cheers.

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