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What do you think of J Mascis (the guitarist of the dinosaur jr) and Kevin Shields (the guitarist of My Bloody Valentine)? They are very good although very underrated

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http://youtu.be/n-njvZ_I41M                  Kenny Poole,  Outstanding Jazz Guitarist.. since pasted away...... Now, look and listen for his student genius Andy Brownhttp://youtu.be/wdfXQjk0TOI

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Hell Yes

Originally Posted by TheDreamthinker View Post

John Williams?


Jeff Kollman

Michael Landau

Allan Holdsworth


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Since he hasn't been named  in this thread - honorable mention  to Tommy Emmanuel - such virtuosity and exuberance


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^Ha!  Don't forget Phil! My ex gf has some live tapes of the Emmanuel brothers playing together when they were very young...my god they were fast pickers


These three guys are virtuosic in their own rights, but together they are sublime.

MGT: Wolfgang Muthspiel, Slava Grigoryan & Ralph Towner.  Exploring any of them individually will open new worlds of brilliant sounds.

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Originally Posted by macshooter View Post

Hell Yes


Jeff Kollman

Michael Landau

Allan Holdsworth


I love Allan Holdsworth when he uses his Midi setup and the guitar sounds like a sax is amazing..
he is a guru
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These two... I'll let the video do the talking... 

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Any love for:


Adrian Belew

Steve Howe

Steve Hackett

Jan Akkerman

Bill Nelson


Give me taste and boundless creativity over shredding anyday!

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FRIPP. Robert Fripp.

A lot of guitarists mentioned here are just good at guitar solos. Mr. Fripp isn't like them.

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bar none, Charlie Christian.


one of the first jazz guitarists, one of the first people to play electric guitar, one of the first people to play a guitar solo, basically invented the genre of bebop jazz, Charlie Parker and Dizzie Gillespie tried to copy Christian's style on their horns and revolutionized jazz music in doing so.


but basically he's just one bad ass guitar player. check out his Minton's Playhouse sessions or his solos during Benny Goodman's big band pieces. he was Jimi Hendrix before Jimi Hendrix, yet hardly anyone knows his name

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here is one my favorite solos of his, 1941, Minton's Playhouse


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I have everything Holdsworth. He is from outer space.   Adrian Belew is great.   Discipline is one of my favorite albums.  Fripp has always been a little too far "outside" for my taste (like Holdworth isn't) , but to me sometimes he seems like his mission in life is to make sure that he never plays a note in the "right" key EVER.  Which is ok, but I like some variation to the theme, play inside for a while, then outside to change it up. (though no one can deny he is a monster virtuoso, and creative genius)  Tommy Emmanuel is awesome.


Jeff Kollman is my favorite guitarist.  If I could play the sounds in my head, it would sound something like Jeff Kollman.





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This stuff is insane.  I just think it's interesting performance to say the least.


Cliffs of Dover is always interesting to listen to.

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