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Also George Lynch of Dokken, Lynch mob

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Nice meeting between 2 great guitarists : Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan Born under a bad sign


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I think that Austin City Limits episode with SRV and Albert King is available on DVD and it certainly is on CD.  A real gas.


- Ed

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We haven't gone to Brazil yet…how about Luiz Bonfá? Wish Perry Como had sung the other English lyrics to "Manha da Carnaval": "A Day In The Life Of A Fool"


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There are lots of great guitar players, in all different styles, but among the current crop, my favorite is Guthrie Govan.  Absolute virtuoso, he plays nearly impossible passages effortlessly, and if jazz fusion isn't your thing, he can nail just about any other style as well.  His first solo album, Erotic Cakes, is chock full of jaw dropping moments.


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Frank Zappa

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Paul Gilbert plays more notes in one song than most guitarists play in ten!



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This is a tune that could grow on you.

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I don't really care how fast they can play, but how well the playing serves the music.  This Paul Gilbert is great!  Thanks for the pleasure of it.


- Ed

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Paul Gilbert plays more notes in one song than most guitarists play in ten!




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My all time favorite is Eddie Hazel. He's right at the top for me, ESPECIALLY for Virtuosity and Creativity.


Check out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh3bleXWaCk&feature=related and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcwEEu9yF7w

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Thank the Lord someone mentioned Richard Thompson already: on his last tour he was doing six-minute guitar solos on "Can't Win", and to do that well entails more than virtuosity, you need the creativity as well. He's outrageously good on electric, and (of course) even better known for his acoustic work (e.g. "1952 Vincent Black Lightning").


Jerry Garcia, yes, how can a guitarist be underrated and overrated at one and the same moment? I'm not sure that he could have played the licks that Vai can play, but then, could Vai have invented Garcia's melodic lines? Questionable.


I'm surprised that no one (that I could see) mentioned John McLaughlin. Not my cup of tea, but surely one of the greatest guitarists ever?

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for pure creativity and talent there can only be one!



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Frank Zappa




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then there is is this guy, most soulfull and original..



Paul Kossoff


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