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For Sale: Homemade Boombox - UK only (Based In Newcastle)

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For Sale:
Homemade Boombox - UK only (Based In Newcastle)

Will Ship To: UK

A bit of an unusual sale here but thought I'd post it incase there's any interest from the North East Area.  I bought this boombox a few years back off a guy in Denmark and I'm selling it to fund Uni expenses and I'm making one myself for the summer.  It's great for simply home audio that you can easily move about, i usually hook it up to the TV when watching a movie or take it into the lounge for parties, also great down the beach or festivals! A proper head turner.


The boombox is in full working condition and exactly the same as when i first bought it.  I've had the same battery in there for nearly two year now as i bought it back in July 2009 so you might wanna think about changing it sometime although it's still working fine.  I use it every day and it has excellent audio quality for a "portable" device and is LOUD!  Much better than any shop bought boombox.

The things that have changed since i bought it are the "Type R" logo on the front, i padded out the inside panels of the box with acoustic foam, i re-soldered gold RCA connectors on the front replacing the cheap nickel ones, i rewired all the wires from the input to the amp using a much higher grade wire, soldered proper connectors to the power cables to make it easier to change the batttery etc and there are also a few little chips in the material (which I've shown in the photos.)
The battery and charger which costs £70 alone (i still have the oringinal boxes for both the battery and intelligent "Oximiser" charger.)  I will also include a RCA to 3.5mm jack cable which i made which would cost around £15 to buy all the parts separate.
In total considering the work i put into the boombox, the fact it's a one of a kind item and the condition it is in i think an £250 is a pretty good deal although I'm open to offers.
Also if anyone wants a demo then get in touch and i can arrange something!
Quick Specs:
Speakers: Audio Pro
Amp: AM6-Basic
Battery: 12 volt gel motorbike battery - Runs for over 20hours on a full charge at a reasonable volume.  Max power is achieved when plugged in as it gives the amp 14volts and the amp takes up to 15volts although i rarely have it on max (you need a few pints before you feel that brave!)

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Bump for price drop, also considering national delivery if your willing to pay for this beast to be sent.

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