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For Sale: FS: Schitt Valhalla

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: Schitt Valhalla

Will Ship To: Conus

I am selling my Valhalla as it gets almost no use.  It's in excellent condition.  However, you can see in the pics that there are white or light smudges on the top.  I didn't notice them until I took it out of my rack.  I tried to wipe them off with soft cloth but they remain.  I assume they are permanent.  The amp otherwise is excellent.  I have the original shipping box.





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yo dog you still sellin this?

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you guys need to learn how to close threads properly. i keep getting my hopes up until i scroll down and find out that its sold. frown.gif

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The fact that it was posted in March 2011 wasn't good enough.
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when i look the amps and stuff i dont look at the date it was posted. end when you close listing it automatically gets moved out of the for sale section.

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Maybe you should start.
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