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AKG K172HD Sibilant??

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I was almost on the verge of buying the AKG K172HD but find that it sounds alittle sibilant with female vocals especially poorly recorded ones. The set I tested is totally new and I was wondering if there are owners who can verify if it is really sibilant or it will disappear after running in. The sibilance is similar to DT770...





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Quality studio monitors such as the K172, tend to be very revealing meaning they will bring out the strengths and flaws of recordings.  However, it is possible that sibilance does tame a bit or even disappear with burn-in, it may not go away when listening to poorly recorded tracks.

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I was torn between the Akg172 and Akg271s. The 271s does not seem be as sibilant or maybe not as ruthless in revealing the flaws of not so well recorded materials. However, the 271 seems a little too big to wear on the head in trains...
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Could be another component in the set up adding to the sibilance too....and of course some recordings are pretty bad. I get a fair amount of sibilance with my 240DF which is WELL burned in and supposed to be very 'flat'. It may be in part to a somewhat bright DAC. Hopefully some 172 owners will chime in. Too much sibilance is not something you want to live with.
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Perhaps, you purchase them from a vendor with a lenient returen policy?  That way you can try them for week or two, to determine if the will work you.

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They dont have such policies in Singapore...

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Then perhaps you might be interested in another option, like Denon's AH-D1100 for example?

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Denons would have been quite in my top list if not for its pretty open design....

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Hmm, then how about Sennheiser's HD448?  Still quite portable and from what I've read, they have excellent sound quality.

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Will try the senn HD 448 and maybe the HD25 tomorrow when I visit my dealer tomorrow. Hopefully he doesnt get too annoyed with me for trying so many headphones....blink.gif

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