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For Sale: *** Glow Audio Amp One Tube Amplifier / Perfect Condition $450 + s/h ***

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For Sale:
*** Glow Audio Amp One Tube Amplifier / Perfect Condition $450 + s/h ***

Will Ship To: Anywhere



***  Glow Audio Amp One Tube Amplifier  $450 ***


Plus shipping - $20 to LA, $60 to NYC, etc. I'm in San Diego


Will ship anywhere, professional shipping experience


Price is firm - it's $270 less than new.  I'll pay PayPal fees




Read my gushing but comprehensive review of the Glow Audio Amp One here:


*-* Review: Glow Audio One w/ Denon D2000 (Lawton mod), K701, HD650, ER-4S, Audio Tech AD2000 ... and More *-*




Details & Condition:


This is the 08/09 version of the Glow Audio Amp One.  I bought it unused, and have owned it only 6 months. My price is firm, it's like new but costs $270 less than new.  I have original cardboard box (just a plain box) and all paperwork/packing it came with.


I LOVE this amp.  The only reason I'm selling it is that I'm moving overseas within the year, can't take a lot of gear, and need the money.  It is in excellent condition. 


The amp has never been moved from my listening room.  It has never been around smoke or pets, and is the most babied items in my flat.  It has been used for headphones only, the speaker outputs have never even been touched.  This amp gets better treatment than my iMac* or my road bike does.  It has never been overdriven.  I have never turned the volume knob above 1/4 way (headphones).  It has about 300 - 400 hours of use.


*(My iMac is also for sale, it's the mid-2008 Leopard model, 21" 2.66 GHz 2GB RAM, bulletproof shape as I'm a former Mac Tech - $800 or trade for a MacBook Pro).





The amp will be professionally packed by my shipping guy, and shipped insured within the 48 States.  I will send you a Tracking Number.  The cost to most of the CONUS will average about $40.  For example: $20 to LA/San Diego, $60 to New York City.  I only charge what it costs me to pack and ship.  The amp weighs about 20lbs. shipped (amp + packing).


I am happy to ship international AT YOUR OWN RISK.  I have lots of experience shipping international, so I will do all I can to ensure it will arrive safely.  However, again, it's at your risk once it leaves the USA, thank you for your understanding.


My reputation on eBay is 100% for around 100 sales.  My reputation on Amazon is 98% on over 40 sales, never a negative review.  (Some middle reviews from 9 years ago lowered me from 100%).  My name on both is my name here:  kouzelna.  Look me up.





The Glow's only problem, is one of the tube rails broke which is how I received it from Glow (I knew that in advance, and got a discount).  The tube rail is a small metal rail, and is cosmetic in nature ONLY, that runs alongside each side of where the tubes are placed.  You can see it clearly in my photos where the grill is off.  It's only to look good, nothing more.  It can be glued in place, and it will stay put, but it will fall off again easily if it is bumped directly (which happens easily if you take off the grill), or shipped. 


Needless to say, I run it always with the grill on.  If you run it with the grill off, you can simply attach the tube rail with a single drop of Superglue on each post.  Take two seconds to do.


No other obvious scratches, dings, or any issues whatsoever at all, period.  No mechanical problems period!  It's basically like new.



My Thoughts on the Units:

You've all read my review on the Glow.  Can I gush any more? 


It's phenomenal, the tube amp for people that say they don't like tube amps, and the tube amp extraordinaire for people who do.  And it isn't just a headphone amp:  It also has quality speaker posts and a USB-in for connecting to your computer to bypass cheap built-in sound cards, as the Glow has it's own DAC on board.  You get a lot of features for your money, in other words, and the Glow works awesome with the right speakers (Glow makes a pair that is designed for them, and Patrick over at Glow keeps telling me that's when I'd REALLY hear the Glow sing, with speakers).


Note:   This is not a problem, but the Glow likes to heat up a bit before delivering it's best sound. Personally, I run it for about 20 minutes realistically before I use it.  This delivers the music at the Glow's full, gorgeous potential.  From a cold start, the music still sounds great, but you will definitely notice a difference after it's had the chance to warm up a little.  Just my advice.

Important Notes:

The Glow has been remarkable for me, flawless and dependable, and all three quirks I had previously mentioned in my early review notes were easily solved - as I mentioned in my review as well.


Just to wrap up:

First, the static I mention in my review of course had nothing to do with the Glow; sadly, I've traced it finally to the design of the Nano 4G output line; aka, all Nano 4G units have this problem.

Second, the hum was solved by another Head-Fier putting together a proper resistance cable for my AKGs, which have a very low impedance, too low for the Glow - problem totally solved, zero hum at any volume.  The Glow is designed for 300 impedance cans, so a resistance cable may be necessary for lower ratings.  I can include my cable with the Glow if you'd like, it's 235-ohm.


Last, the headphone jack weirdness was solved with a .30 cent rubber o-ring, that I slipped over the headphone plug.  For example, the resistance cable doesn't need this, but the headphone plug of the my old AKG alone does.  So it depends on the plug construction of your particular set of cans.  But the o-ring solves the problem every time with any plug that needs it, and I'm including 4 o-rings with the amp.



Please email me anytime with your questions.  :D

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Lowered price.  :D

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Back up.  Will wait it out.  Great amp, great price, like new condition.

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Sold off eBay, $450.  Sniff.  Sniff.


Have Beyerdynamic DT880 / 600 for sale, brand new. Two days old.

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