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In ear for biking and gym

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Ok I did some reading and research and came up with a list.  Want a good quality in ear for around $100.  High bass isn't the biggest thing, more of a concern might be canceling outside wind noise when riding. Was looking at the following:


Brainwavz M2

Audio Technica Ath ck7

NuForce NE-700x

Sennheiser CX500-T


Would appreciate any information thoughts.

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If you're looking for an IEM for working out, don't bother spending even that much. You won't appreciate the quality, and will care less if they break. For gym use, I'm fond of the over-the-ear meelectronics M6. Another option which I haven't tried but heard good things about was the H20 surge waterproof IEMs (can be cleaned by running them underneath the sink).


One other disclaimer. When we workout, alot of blood is shunted away from our ears and other organs to the muscles. Thus during exercise, normally safe volume levels become dangerous. For this reason, one should take care to keep the volume as low as possible, which means that a V shaped sound signature with recessed mids and emphasized bass and treble is best. Either get an IEM that already has such a sound, or use an EQ.

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Leaning to me electronics m6 which are only $26 and the nuforce NE700x for $65.  Might just buy both and see how it goes.  Is the V shape signature in the details or specs?

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No. For info about the sound signature you'll have to read about them on the forums. The M6 have a v shaped sound, the nuforce I imagine are more tilted toward the low end with a subdued treble. Between the two, I'd go for the M6, but YYMV. But whatever you do decide, it's best to think of your workout IEM as disposable. So get something you won't mind - and can afford - replacing.

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Using in-ear when riding is very dangerous. Just putting that out there. I prefer to use those earphones with earhooks or something

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The most comfortable headphones for gym use are Phonak Audeo PFE (Perfect Bass)...not too much bass, ridiculously comfortable and they sound great too.  The only minor complain about them is that they don't go quite as loud as some other headphones.  My Zune HD has trouble driving them but iPods, Cowon's, etc....all work fine, I just prefer the sound of the Zune.

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