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Help Rig Building. Budget: $1000

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I'm not exactly sure that this is right section to post this, but here it goes anyway...


I'm looking to build a rig under $1000.


To give you an idea of my music tastes, I like listening to hip hop, rnb, rap, metal, and most of billboard.

I enjoy a nice punchy bass, e.g. I liked the sound of my friends UM3x from my Sony Walkman.

Clear mids and trebles are important as well.


I'll have to store at least 20GB music, but this is like to grow to 30GB or more in the near future.


What I'm looking for is:

  • at least one pair of IEMs, earbuds, clip-on phones: anything small enough to fit in one pocket (so thats probably no headphones)
  • a source that is powerful enough to drive most phones to their best performance (e.g. OK1/PK1 are hard to drive?)
  • a LOD or a mini-to-mini (probably around $100)
  • perhaps an amp, depending on the source
  • the whole package should be portable


Some of the things I have considered buying are:

  • Westone 4 / UM3x
  • SM3
  • OK1/PK1...
  • HM-601/HM-602
  • WhipMOD / RWA Imod (I already have an ALO LOD and ALO RX MKII, but looking for something more portable)
  • Cowon D2+ (I prefer SDHC to microSDHC due to its physical size) or J3
  • Sansa Clip+/Fuze with ALO mini to mini and Fiio E7/iBasso...?



After lots of research, I decided some of the following bundles might be good:

  • SM3 and Sansa Clip+ with RSA Shadow, ALO interconnects (very portable, but no line out)
  • SM3 with Nanite N2 and RSA Mustang and ALO interconnects (no line out)
  • SM3 or westone 4 or UM3x with Ipod Nano, ALO line out and GoVibe Magnum
  • Westone 4 or UM3x with Sony Walkman (S or X Series...) and Mustang (I don't think the line out is worth it though)


I am currently seriously thinking about buying this package:



If you have used any of above, feel free to make suggestions! Any help would be appreciated!


Will update details later on! Thanks Guys!

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for source you might want to consider getting ipod classic? Which the max memory space can go up to 160gb. 

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j3 32gb - I have one and its awesome, plus you could expand to 64gb like I did :)

very small, portable and excellent SQ when you use the eq


iems - not sure, sounds like w4 or sm3 might be a good fit, maybe the MTPC if you want to go dynamic or maybe re262

I've had the w3 and monster MD and really liked them both, but my musical taste is different


amp - really not sure, I have an e7 but don't use it that much


if you wanted to go the ipod route, this thing is new and pretty darn cool



hope some of that helps ;)

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8gb clip+ Rockboxed for added EQ options, 32gb microSD card, Fischer Audio DBA-02 = $250


Anything more expensive won't make much of a SQ difference in my opinion. Portable listening is hardly the right place for critical listening. You're going to compromise on about every level. Source, amp, headphones...  


Put the remaining $750 in a desktop/speaker rig! bigsmile_face.gif So much more bang for your buck! 

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Ultimate portable rig only need very highend custom IEMs like JH13Pro, JH16Pro, ES5, UM Miracle and source like Nationite N2, Sony X1060, Cowon J3, S:Flo 2, HM-601, HM-602. If only need universal IEMs then add AMPs like Nufore Icon Mobile+Sennheiser IE8+X1060 or S:Flo 2, D2+Mustang+SM3, S:Flo 2+Mustang+DBA-02, Westone 4 or Sony X1000.

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Where do you get your stuff? I can't get those that cheap in Australia...

An 8gb Sansa Clip + is around $100 here...

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Some very good advice there!

Hmmm... very high customs... are very tempting, but I have to pay around $150 for impressions in Australia, busting my budget... =(

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Originally Posted by shureThing View Post


Where do you get your stuff? I can't get those that cheap in Australia...

An 8gb Sansa Clip + is around $100 here...

Ebay is your friend! :)

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Sony EX1000, FX700, Sennheiser IE8, SM3(all based on above genres) E7, T3D, Tomahawk, D4 + ALO Sony line out or mini to mini + X1000, S:Flo2, upcoming Fiio DAP.

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