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Need advice in audiophile headphone choosing

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So, after buying professional iems, that to not be overpriced, i am finally looking for headphones that to not be overpriced.... i mean in my country you rarley fiind things that are not overpriced..... 


so.... anybody who knows some cans, i am into under 500$, that sound really good, i am open to opinions.... i will post my ones, and their prices, and anyone, post a can, and it price, or ask me the price of a name of a can in my country... i am almost depserate, with these, because i need ones....


Almost forgot, i need them to not bee too strong, because my source is cowon j3 unamped.... so please, only things that can be powered enought and enought of loud from cowon j3...( if you tried with apple products, sonys, samsungs, any phone , smartphone, or porbale player, excepting for hifiman or how is named, because that is twice as strong, from what i heared, is good.....)

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ath m50.......250$

denon ah d2000.... 410$

AKG - K271 MKII.... 250$

AKG - K702.... 500$

HD AKG K 242 HD....205$

HD AKG K 142 HD.... 180$

Denon AH-D1100....220$

Grado SR-80i....150$

grado sr 225i....250$

grado rs2i....625$

GRADO SR 60i....110$

Sennheiser hd 380 pro... 120$

Sennheiser hd 650... 450$


shure srh 840...270$

shure srh 440...135$

shure srh 750 DJ... 180$







sorry for the high coloured writting but i just coppy-pasted the names..... the prices are converted from my country money, to usd.... i just need help.... now, as a detail, my only source is my computer, and my cowon j3.... the most cowon j3..... i am not a noob, but not an expert to headphones sound..... i just need ones that to be a good value/price, as i have very little money to spend right now, but i need some cans...... i cannot fiind any amplifier in my copuntry, and i cannot buy from outside right now....


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Grado SR60 is for you.


I base this recommendation on the fact that I don't know what music you like and the SR60 is good for a wide range of genres, and that you mentioned price/performance is a factor.  Oh, and they are easily driven by just about anything.


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What kind of music do you listen to?
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"Expensive" and "sounds good unamped" aren't usually two things you'll see in a headphone. You could eliminate about half of your list just because they'll sound the same or worse than cheaper headphones without an amp. People are loving their Fischer FA-003s; I'd give them a look. Great all-rounders at a great price, that sound really good unamped and even better amped. They've got a more "open" sound than most closed back headphones so if you can only afford to get one type, these would be it.

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ehh double post sorry.

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then... let me explain myself.... in my country, headphones are more exensive than gold.... sometimes.... and sometimes they are cheap.... that are my country prices for these headphones.... i may not fiind everything in here.... this is why i need help.... 


about my music... basically rock - trance - dubstep - house - some opera - and some little of everything.....


i need something that to can be driven as easy as possible, preferred close, as i plan to wear them on the street, and to make face to bass - voice - guitars and even the highest notes may be of necesity sometimes.... my music is made only of flacs... so the clarity of the source is the most optimal.....


i just need something from my list that to be good for it's price.... and to be driven by cowon j3..... 

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yes, fishcers looked good, but they do not exist in my country..... sorry.... still searching.... i may post new prices, if anyone knows any cans that sound very good for the price.... i never looked in the under 100$ category, as in my country most of under 100$ are gaming dedicated cans.......

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I stand by my recommendation.  I typically tell anyone that plans to listen outdoors to look at IEMs (In Ear Monitors) but wearing open full sized cans outdoors isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Some closed designs have only marginally better isolation.  Also the SR60 is very light and thus good for travel.  I've packed mine in an overnight bag many times and they've held up just fine, so even though they look and feel cheap the build quality isn't too bad.



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Sennheiser HD650 and AKG K702 really need an amp, so you can cross those off without looking back.


My friend swears by his unamped AKG K271 MKII, but I've read it is very source dependent. Make sure you find or hear some first hand impressions of K271 and J3's synergy before you pull the trigger. Also, telling us what music you listen to helps. Most headphones excel in certain genres and that is why people buy them. A good example; Monster Beats.

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As i said.... mainly Rock.... But i really listen a little of everything.... even orchestra.... i would need an as universal as possible.... mainly i need the most bass and mids (guitars are about 4Khz if i remember..... and voices.... as main i listen to : Linkin park, Dope, Sonata Arctica, Sirenia, Rob zombie, Infected Mushroom, Datasik, Bar 09, Brokencyde, Daft punk, Eminem, Falling up, Stereoxyde, Gorillaz, hollywood undead, manau, maximum the hormone, muse, offspring, one republic, papa roach, maroon 5, mindless self indulgence, rasmus, prodigy, scooter, tiger lillies, amon amarth, incubus, seether, sum 41, breaking benjamin, silverstein, metallica.....


i have little of everything rock, metal, punk, opera, rap, trance, dubstep, pop, electronica, orcchestral, industrial, happycore, gothic, classical..........


 i hate hanna montana, jonas brothers, and everything that is disney.... they just screw the word music for childs these days... i am a man that respects tallents, like celline dion, or old talents... but these days, childs forget what means talent, and they just live without understanding music... they let it play brainless, never asking why listening to that, or if there is something better.....


and i have iems.... that is why i am searching for headphones.... i want to have the headphone feeling too.....

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akg 271 mk ii is out of list, it needs good source...

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Since when is the J3 not a good source? Did someone say it did not pair well with it the K271?

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Wow, you listen to a wide variety of genres! lol


Get the M50's. 

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If you can't get the Fischers, the ATH-M50 would be my 2nd choice as well.

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