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I just finished building the y1 full++ F configuration.  However, it's not working properly.


After building the y1 I went through the initial check page on the AMB y1 page.  I have an old fluke 12 that isn't very responsive, and couldn't get resistance measurements for step 2 of the initial check (measuring for short circuits between jumper pins and gnd).  So I moved on to the next step for the F configuration, connected an stereo cable between the analog out of the y1 and the input of my amp.  I plugged the usb cable into the y1 and my computer, however this is where I ran into trouble.


The switch lit red, but my operating system (windows 7) could not recognize the device as a USB DAC.  It knows its connected to something via the USB port but can't identify the y1.  I haven't cleaned the board yet with alcohol so I can try that first, but any idea why my y1 isn't functioning properly?  I can take macro shots of the solder joints if you'd like.  Thanks for any help!