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Matching closed headphones for Hifiman HM601 under $250

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I have recently bought a HM601 and I like the sound of the player. However, it does not seem to match well with my UE Triple Fi 10 reason being the highs seems to be a little too rolled off for my taste when matched with the HM601. 


I also have the Denon AD1001 which does match better. I could hear more hi freq extension, the soundstage is more natural but I needed a closed headphone for outdoor use.


Tried the AT ESW9 with the HM601, the vocals became more intimate, music sounds a little slower but the soundstage and high freq are not as good as when match with the Denon.


Need some recommendations for a closed headphone below $250. I listen mostly to pop and vocal music.







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ath m50?

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M50s are a pretty bad recommendation.  They don't have nice mids for vocals.


I heard the FA-002s have pretty good mids.  I tried the FA-003s myself and felt they are pretty good, a bit too neutral for vocals but not bad.

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then some ultrasones maybe? 580, 750, 650?

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Hi thanks eroarex and ohhgourami..M50 is part of my to audition list..
Not too sure if my dealer carries ultrasone and fiscer...

Some of my list to audition are

At m50, a700 and a900
Senn HD25
Beyer dt770
Shure 840
Akg 271

Hope I can find one that matches the hm601..
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I managed to visit my vendor and try out a number of headphones, it is quite tiring to listen to so many headphones at one go and trying to compare them and my shortlist so far are the AKG 271 and AKG 172. They seem to present music in a more involving manner than the other headphones I have tried. But I am still unable to decide between the 2 as each has its own strengths and weaknesses. I have summarised the listening as follows:


AKG 271, wide soundstage, very relaxed vocals and instruments presentation, more natural sounding instruments but a tad bass light and much bigger in size than the AKG 172.

AKG 172, more intimate presentation in the vocal, more bass but the treble seems to be more unforgiving and sibilant ( not sure if it is due to the set being brand new)


The rest of the headphones that I have tried

AKG 171, does seems to have the same sound signature as the 271 and 172, sounds distant, bass light.

AT M50, nice mids and highs alas the bass is too overbearing for me.

Shure 840, every frequency sounded right, but music seems sterile and pushed into your face.

Beyer DT770, nice mids and highs, large soundstage, bass a little light and overall less involving than the AKG 271 and 172.


My dealer dont carry Fiscer and Ultrasone. 


The journey continues....


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Pop and Vocal, have you considered the ATH-ESW9??? That would do you well in spades. The mids are lush, the bass is present and involving, and the highs arent sharp, but they have texture.

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Yes, I have tried the ESW9. It's mids are indeed nice and lush but when paired with the HM601, it becomes too lush and the highs are a little too rolled off for me...it was my first choice originally...

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Thanks all for your inputs, finally decided on the AKG 271S, it matches the HM601 for my taste. Now learning to withstand the weird looks from people in the train...

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