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I got the Future Sonics Atrios with the NEW MG7 dynamic driver and I can't put it down. They are so engaging and fun to listen to. The whole night into the morning I had them on.


I have the Phonak Perfect Bass, Audio Technica CK7, Sennheiser PX100, and Koss Portapros and non of those earphones/headphones were as engaging as the Atrios.


The bass is really something special on the Atrios. The bass is rich and astoundingly deep. Bass response is excellent: it goes deep and is very articulated. Pitch and texture of bass frequencies are presented very well. The Atrios have quite a bit more bass than Shures or Etymotics, but the bass does not overwhelm the mids; it doesn’t make the overall sound muddy in any way. Contrary to bloated bass-monster IEMs like the Super.Fi 5 EB or the CX300, the Atrios can be seen as the "bass reference" for IEMs and fitted well with the music I listen to....Pop, Rock, Disco & Europop.


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