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Pull the ear pads gently, and they will come off quite easy. When you put the other ones on you have to stretch them a little. But it´s really no problems at all.

I switched with Beyer pads and the original ones many times.

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I made it after a little while.

I decided to stick with the pleather pads. The other were harder and thicker which meant they did not fit on my head as good as the soft leather ones.

I think it's fine as long as i take them off my head for a minute every two or three hours or so...

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I got an idea. 

I might not need a soundcard at all, if i buy an Emotiva XDA-1 DAC which i will use for my speakers aswell. Just going optical to the XDA-1 then have the headphone amplifier connected to the DAC. There would be a problem though, i would need long analogue cables either from the DAC to the amplifier or from the amplifier to my headphones since the DAC has to be in the other side of the room...

And the DAC inside the Emotiva XDA-1 should bat the hell out of Asus Xonar DX every day.


And the headphone amplifier would need XLR inputs since the RCA would go to my speaker amplifier.

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Originally Posted by macrocheesium View Post


Have you ever tried an amp with them?

Yes i heard them thu several amps at the NYC meet three weeks ago and I liked them driven by a tube amp but that amp cost $900 but unfortunately had no chance to hear them thru more affordable amp, Little Dot MkIII for example
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I have been thinking more and more of the Xonar STX. I see the price has dropped to around $235.

It has RCA outputs which the DX has not. It has better components overall and a decent built-in amplifier. So the STX is about double the cost of DX.


The price difference is now around $125 now and that almost gives me a Mini^3 amp. but i'd have to build it myself and spend lots of time on that and maybe fail and buy new parts and such.


And i also have to start saving for a trip to both Slovenia and New Zeeland next summer which will cost a LOT of money... So reducing total costs would be nice.

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I have been offered to buy an Asus Xonar STX, Creative T40 and Creative Aurvana Live for a totalt och $235. Sounds like a good deal for me if i sell the speakers and headphones included.

Then the STX wouldn't cost me much more than the DX.

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I was at a LAN-party the latest days and my mates tried my headphones. Everybody was like "wow!" and they said they had never heard such good headphones before (they go with the cheapest possible deltaco lol). There's one guy though who is a little interested in audio and he tried them. One hour later he had ordered a pair of AKG K271 MKII himself and now he's looking for a Xonar STX aswell :P


Doing some late-evening listening now to this song Union Station – Looking In The Eyes Of Love and i didn't think that a pair of headphones could create such a good soundstage as they actually do. Comfort is superb, haven't had any sweating issues at all since i bought them and i really have been using them a lot. I listen with my headphones more often than my speakers now.

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At exact what frequencies and how much are they reduced?

What "bandwidth"?


Originally Posted by tkach_john View Post

Congratulations! And I have just recently bought AKG K272HD (handshake).

After 3 days of use I can state that:

- They are extremely comfortable to wear. I do not notice them on my head _for long long hours_.

- They sound detailed. (Compared to Grados SR125).

- They do not fatigue your ears.

- They may seem to be a bit too flat and even boring first... also this hiss in high frequencies, argh...

- ...however after some EQing things get much much better. My current opinion that they _must be EQd_. As well as ALL OTHER closed (and some opened, maybe) headphones.

Here is a great article about this process, and there you will find my setting (posts dated today), I strongly suggest you to try and modify them for your ears.



Good luck! :)


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