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Looking to upgrade my IEMs

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I have a budget of about $200; I really don't want to go higher than that. I used to own the Monster Turbines but I didn't like the fit (even with the comply tips) and the treble always kind of irked me. I'm currently using the Klipsch Image S4s and I like them a lot but I can hear that they're on their way out and I'm looking to upgrade. I've been looking at the Sennheiser IE7s which are listed for $170 on B&H's website. Would these be my answer or are there some other suggestions?


I listed out of my iPod touch 4G and listen to mostly classic rock, current rock, and the Beatles (yes I put them in their own category).


Any advice would be appreciated so thanks in advance!

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TripleFi 10


If they work out for you, you will be very happy.  =]

RE252 can be modified for improved fit/comfort.

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what sound sig are you after compared to your S4?

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