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Decision time... 3 IEM Battle?! (Westone 3, IE8, SM3)

Poll Results: Which?

Poll expired: Apr 1, 2011  
  • 23% (4)
    Sennheiser IE8
  • 64% (11)
    Earsonic SM3
  • 11% (2)
    Westone 3
17 Total Votes  
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Help, and copious amounts of it...


Like the title says I'm about to make my decision on my (to be) final universal iem purchase. I am going unamped (for now until I can get the cash for a nice amp) but basically I want this to be one of my last universal iems before I go custom.


To give you guys a better look at what I'm looking for in these iems here's my previous post which helped me narrow it down to these 3:






$300 ~ + about 30 bucks at most if its really worth paying it


Also keep in mind I will be purchasing off of Amazon, B&H Photography, Buy.com

So, unless you have any better suggestions as to where I can purchase them please use these sites as price references.



HTC HD7 Mobile Smartphone running Windows Phone 7 (keep in mind no graphic eq of any sorts only get preset eq settings)



I will only be using a Fiio E5 so nothing crazy here.  And I will not be using any other amp (unless you can find me something that comes in close to the Fiio in terms ofPORTABILITY)


Music Genre's & Sound:

My top 3 genres are: - Christian Rock

                               - Acoustic Guitar

                               - Classical (Orchestral in general, not just from the Classical era)

However, I do listen to a bit of trance, ballad type songs (emphasis on vocals for ballad), and occasionally jazz


Yes, I realize I am asking for a lot well I am dishing out 300 dollars (USD) I may as well get something that covers a wide variety of music for that kind of money, no?!?


*EDIT*  Sound Signature:


I decided to add a section on the type of sound signature I would like from the IEM's well because it would better the choices that I will have.


The best way I think to describe the sound I would like is "fun."  I am NOTusing the IEM's as referencing monitors or for studio work.  Thus I do not need them to be neutral or very true to the original music.


The sound should be the kind that gets your foot tapping and really lets you enjoy the music not scrutinize it for every little detail.

This does not mean that detail should be non existing and veiled but just not so revealing. (Is that a contradiction?)



Type of IEM:

Definitely NO custom fitted IEMs, I'm looking purely for universal fit.

Can be worn over ear or just straight down, I have no preference either is fine.

Sound from the cord moving (I think its microphonics don't remember) aren't too much of an issue I can ignore them.

Durability is a big plus.

Comfort, or rather fit is very important.  I believe I have fairly normal ears so I just need something that fits well and isolates.

Accessories as in tips and case can influence my decision.




Essentially, this just about sums it up.

There will be a poll (but I've heard from many that they're quite unreliable) so please post in the thread with pros/cons, or at least a reason WHY you think that particular iem is best.




And lastly... does anyone know where I can get these for cheaper than $350 USD?  My budget was 300 and people did recommend these and I have no clue how 350 = 300 =\

I am going up to university this august so I am rather restrained on my budget don't want to overdo it...


Once again thanks everyone here at Head-fi you guys really know your sound! =)

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*routine bump*

Rather short on time =\

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*daily bump* Waiting for just a little more poll results.

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unleass you need lots of isolation, IE8

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Originally Posted by mark2410 View Post

unleass you need lots of isolation, IE8


I do know that the ie8 are known for having relatively (comparatively) poor isolation but I was veering a bit towards the sm3's as I can find them for 300 usd, where can I get the ie8's for less than 350?


And how is the sound signature when compared to the sm3's?


And lastly, have you heard of soundearphones.com? are they reliable?

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And thanks everyone for the votes/reply's! I'm really grateful, just about a week longer and I'll be making my purchase!

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Ah screw it I can't resist, going to purchase Earsonics SM3 today! =)


Thanks to Soundearphones.com


Thanks to everyone here on head-fi.org

I'll be posting my first thoughts and whatnot soon enough ~

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