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Custom Creative Aurvana Live! - Disassembly, Painting and (possibly) Recabling

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Basically, I am trying to customise my pair of CAL! - after seeing these headphones (http://jfunk.jalbum.net/Headphones/) I felt inspired to try and do an interesting paint job. However, looking for advice on a few areas:


1) - Deconstruction of the headphones - has anybody done this? I know it is fairly straightforward to get into the drivers, but how easy is it to take the headphone apart completely (for spraying etc.?)


2) Any tips on painting? At the moment, I'm planning on sanding, priming and then either spraying or brushing with enamel paint base layer, followed by the design, followed by a clear coat to finish.


3) Recabling - I've heard that this makes a massive difference to this 'phone, is this true or just mass placebo effect? If so, what cable should I buy?


Any help would be fantastic!

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1) No idea  normal_smile%20.gif, just remove all the screws ( if any ) and make sure you don't force anything .

2) Try a paint stripper ( look for one that can be used on plastic ) and if sanding is necessary  use 600 grit minimum ( any coarser and it will leave deep grooves in the plastic ) and finish with 1200 grit ( or higher ) . Use a plastic primer ( general purpose primers don't work well on plastics ) and spray paint ( brushing leaves visible brush stokes no matter how fine the brush is ).

3) re-cabling  usually make a difference ( maybe not "massive" ) - entry level headphones ( and even some higher end ones ) usually have thin, low quality cables that brake easily  , have high resistance ( due to thin conductors ) and sometimes high capacitance ( that can have and adverse effect on sound ) and the plugs are sometimes low quality . In conclusion a good cable with a good plug ( and I'm not talking about insanely priced "audiophile" crap ) will give you a at least a more reliable headphone if not a better sounding one .

Good luck with your project .

Post pics when finished.

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It's my opinion that the D1001's cable is especially bad, and that the effect of recabling it is not normal.


I am not sure if how the cable on the CAL compares to the D1001, but I imagine the same thing will happen.



If you're going to go through all that trouble, you might as well recable them!




My experiance (it's been a while but)

Recabling them smooths out the frequency response, removing the lowmid hump (could be a bad thing), and extends the lows and the highs.

The bass is increased and is alot less muddy, more solid and tight


Normally I am open to the idea that this could all be placebo, except:

I found that the bass was increased by too much. I had to EQ them down for normal use. I don't think this could happen if it's all just placebo.



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