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MS400 or Q460?

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I found the AKG Q460s for $118. MS400s are running $170ish. The AKGs are local and I have no local acces to the MS400s.

The MS400s get much love around here and the Q460s/k550s get very little attention.

They will be used primarily with an iPhone and no amp at first. That may come later. I listen to a wide variety of music from Aerosmith to Zappa with Motörhead and such in between. But I lean mostly on Parlament Funkadelic and the Dead.

The $50ish difference does not phase me.

Are the MS400s pretty much a unanimous choice between these two?

To be honest I've spent so many hours in here reading that I keep clouding my decisions. The reviews are awsome. It may be telling how AKG is mentioned a lot but the 450/460s are not.

Please help a Newbie.
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Bueller? Bueller?
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I suppose HD25s should be in the mix too? Or do they need an amp more than the other two?
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Tap tap tap is this thing on?

Ok I may be able to answer my own question. Sort of.

Went against my gut and bought the Q460s. I've been trying to listen to them all night but find them unenjoyable. Almost grating to the ear.

So now I'm down to the ms400 or hd25.

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I got some q460's and find that I need to eq the mid's down a bit. I can make them sound pretty good with rockbox, but there's got to be a better solution in this price range for a rich sounding portable. I kinda like my Koss PortaPro's for the money.


I got some XB500's and find them to have a nice rich bass, but the mids and high's are tinny.


No matter what, it seams I have to eq the crap out of any cans I buy.




I think that if you're not using a really good're gonna be scrood, dood.

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Try asking in Joker's giant portables thread. He's the only person I can think of offhand who has both.

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just because of the music you listen its a unanimous ms400 because the q460 is nice and balanced with a slight emphasis on mids and since they are smaller the music you listen to will seem more muddyed i was thinking of getin the 460s myself

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