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Have you been watching too many conspiracy documentaries saying that man-made digging, tall heavy buildings, China-made dams, or North Korea underground atom bomb explosions been shifting weight & weakening the earth's crust causing the earthquake that caused the tsunami?

BTW if you guys think I'm kidding, such farce documentaries do exist, just check out Youtube.

Weather control and HAARP is a farce. Patents taken out in the 60s aren't a trail of interest.
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An Honest Look at Radiation



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Notice, at 4min 20 sec in how the radiation is mostly confined to the northern hemisphere.

This is mainly due to the wind patterns in both hemispheres having little mixing as the air generally rises at the equator and then moves back to the poles.

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Yeah, Aussies are relatively safe for a little while but not exactly sure about those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.


Basically most people aren't dropping like flies yet, and we can't really do much when we're getting sick down the road.


When we're finally succumbing to radiation sickness in a decade or so, they'll just say something along the lines of it's more like correlation instead of causation.


So we'll just have to pick the right spot for retirement, assuming that there's actually retirement when we do live long enough.

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Australia has its own issues...just search for "top ten most dangerous animals Australia" :D. I used to work in the outback where the environmental dept will show you slides of snakes and spiders that can kill you. You'd think it'll be like a big python, etc. but nope...it's this tiny little harmless looking but extremely poisonous creature. And we have sand flies that could bite you hard enough that you'd bleed. I have a netting for my swag. There are ferrel cats that grow up to 18kg and their claws can infect you. I used to go out with the environmental team at night to shoot these ferrel cats at they eat up the endangered marsupials.


Back in my home city, if it's over 30C I'm off to the beaches (20 min from home) - the very same ones where you read of swimmers/surfers taken by white pointers.


Now I'm in Japan :p.

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For the effects of long-term radiation exposure, I believe the the increase cancer and birth defect rates throughout Europe after Chernobyl are well documented.


I'm more worried about the clouds of pollution that float over from China to here, not to mention the quality of food I eat, amount of exercise I do and stress I have, long before I worry about a slight increase of radiation. 

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