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HD25,600,650 cable difference?

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Hey, I'm getting the HD25's soon and was wondering is their really a BIG difference between the cable's? I read that they three are interchangeable on all of them I'm not looking into cardos or anything spendy but like a stock 650 cable is it's copper quality better than the stock HD25's?


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HD25-1 uses steel, I dunno about the HD 25 SP. I believe the HD 25-13 uses copper.


AFAIK, both HD 600 and 650 use copper.

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ok good to know, would it be a good investment later on to spend the $12 on a HD600 cable?


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Can't say from personal experience, but the overwhelming weight of Head-Fi consensus is that either the 600 or 650 cable (can't remember which) improves the sound significantly. Mind you, this is with respect to the HD 25-1, not the other models. Which one are you getting?

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The HD25-1's


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Ok. Just bear in mind that the HD 600/650 cable won't fit into the HD 25-1's headband. You'll have to flip the earcups as a result, and so your headphones will have cables running down both sides, instead of the HD 25-1's stock single-sided config.

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yea I read that, as long as they star securely in the plugs.

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wait is there a difference between the HD25-1 and the HD25-1II?

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I don't think so. Read somewhere on Head-Fi that the "II" just had some updated accessories (like the velour pads), but no technical differences. Can't think of anywhere that you can get the Mk I anyway.

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hahah yea I was like...wait WUT!!!


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0_0 my god........ something so small has such a full sized sound. They seem a bit dull, though they have about......5 hours of use so I need to burn them in over the next few days, I figure after a good burn in they will have a brighter sound, but over all I'm very impressed, I was expecting a classic portable sound...but no this is something much greater! and they are noticebly harder to drive than the ultrasones....I find them seem to sound better at a higher volume.


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The HD25 model that comes with a copper cable is the HD25-C II, not the -13. the HD25-13 has the same cable as the HD25-1 but with 600ohm impedance

edit: If you already got the 25-1 II then I'd probably grab the 650 cable as well if it's only $12

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ok yea, I havent noticed any harshness with the cable, I may look into it later for home listeing.


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Has someone actually dissected the so-called HD25-II "steel" cable? Because I have a hard time believing that the conductors are actually pure steel wire. Sure, it's sturdy and all that, but it's far more flexible than any steel wire of similar gauge I have ever worked with. Somewhere I heard that it is actually copper with steel reinforcement.


If I'll buy or build a custom wire then I'll surely cut up the stock wire to look inside for any steel.

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The stock steel cable is very microphonic.  The HD-600 and H-650 cables are much better.  I didn't hear much if any difference between them with the HD-25 - the HD-600 cable has a 3.5mm plug and the HD-650 cable a 6.3mm plug depending on your needs.

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