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Common Vintage CD players Components Composition

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D11/12/22    KSS220   CXA1271   CXA1272    CXP5024   MPC1715  CXD1130/CXD1246               CXD1161    BA3570 MEGA BASS+M51568
D101            KSS330   CXA1271   CXA1272   CXP5086   MPC1716  CXD2500                               UPD6376    BA3570
D121            KSS331   CXA1672                   CXP83412  SC11280  CXD2517                               TC9276      LA4805
D150            KSS162   CXA1271   CXA1272   CXP5086   MPC1715  CXD1125                                PCM60       M51568
D-2/20/T20   KSS162   CXA1271   CXA1272   CXP5024   MPC1715  CXD1130                                CXD1161   M51568
D202            KSS330   CXA1271   CXA1272   CXP5086   MPC1716  CXD2500                                UPD6376   BA3570
D211            KSS330   CXA1271   CXA1602   UPD75328 MPC1716  CXD2500                                SM5870    LA4534
D231            KSS331   BA6373      BU9310(BUILT-IN DSP)   MSM65344 SC111281  RF5C241(ESP)TC9293   BA3574
D250            KSS165   CXA1271   CXA1272   CXP5086   MPC1715  CXD1125               CXD1316   PCM66     M51568
D3                KSS162   CXA1081   CXA1082  UPD7503  CXA1083    CXD1125                                CXD1140  M5216
D303 v12      SF89        CXA1271   CXA1272  CXP5078   MPC1716  CXD2500                                CXD8178  BA3570
D303 v14      SF89        CXA1271   CXA1272  CXP5078   MPC1716  CXD2500               SM5840     SM5871    BA3570
D311            KSS350    CXA1271  CXA1602   CXP5078   MPC1716  CXD2500                                SM5870    LA4534
D321            KSS331    CXA1571  CXD2515   CXP83916 MPC17A38 CXD2515                               SM5853    LA4533
D33              KSS220    CXA1271  CXA1272   CXP5084   MPC1715   CXD1130              SM5840      UPD6376  BA3570
D335            KSS331    CXA1782                    CXP83412 SC1112801 CXD2508                              TC9293      BA3574
D34              KSS220    HA12168   HD404818 MPC1715  HD49220                                                                    BA3570
D350            SF89        CXA1271   CXA1272   CXP5078   MPC1715  CXD1125                 CXD2551  UPD6376   BA3570
D40             KSS162     CXA1271   CXA1272   CXP5024   MPC1715  CXD1130                               CXD1161    M51568
D50             KSS110     CXA20109 CXA20108  MB88541  MB3876 CX23035    BRUSHLESS SPINDLE              CX20133  NJM4560
D50MKII      KSS110     CXA20108 CXA1023   CXP5024   CXA1083  CX23035                                  PCM55       NJM4556
D515          SF89         CXA1271    CXA1272  CXP50712 MPC1716 CXD2500                                SM5870     LA4534
D555          KSS167     CXA1271   CXA1272   CXP5086   MPC1715 CXD1125+CXD1160   CXD2550  PCM66*2   CXA1263
D66/T66     SF89         CXA1271   CXA1272   CXP5086   MPC1715 CXD1125                                  UPD6376   BA3570
D777          DAX01       BA6376                    CXP83416  SC111284 BU9312 BRUSHLESS SPINDLE CXA8027   TC9404     LA4805
D802          KSS220     CXA1271   CXA1602   CXP5084   MPC1715  CXD1167                 SM5840     UPD6376  BA3570
D808          KSS330     CXA1271  CXA1272   CXP5078   MPC1716  CXD2500                        SM5840     PCM67     BA3570
D88            KSS167     CXA1271  CXA1272   CXP5024   MPC1715  CXD1135                                       CXD1161  M51568
D90            KSS162     CXA1271  CXA1272   CXP5086   MPC1715  CXD1135                                 CXD1161  CXA1249(DBB)+M51568
D99            KSS220     CXA1271  CXA1272   CXP5086   MPC1715  CXD1167                                         CXD8178  BA3570
D100          KSS162     CXA1081  CXA1082   CXP5086   CXA1083  CXD1125                        SM5840     PCM55     NJM4560            
D-J50          KSS230     HA12156  CXA1272   S1400       MPC1716  CXD1167                                             PCM66     BA3558



CD10       CDM2-P          TDA5708  TDA5709      TMP47C400F    L272*4  CXD23035                         CXD20133   NJM4560
CD10MKII   CDM2-P        TDA5708  TDA5709         ?                  ?                ?                                   PCM55      ?
AZ6808/19/29   RCD3      M51567    M51564       TMP47C820F  MPC1715FU SAA7341                      SAA7341   NJM3416

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Most factories fond of using the kits of SONY.

1st generation IC combination: CX20108 RF AMP PLUS CX20109 SERVER AMP 

                                    like: SONY D50 D50MKII SANYO CP10 GRUNDIG CDP50

2rd generation IC combination: CXA1081 plus CXA1082

                                    like: SONY D100 D3 most table model made by various factories

3rd generation IC combination: CXA1271 plus CXA1272

                                    like: almost all vintage players made by SONY KENWOOD AIWA DENON except Toshiba

4th generation IC comnination: CXA1671 PLUS CXA1372

                                   like: mostly used by table model and CDROM

5th generation IC combination: CXA1782 (BUILT-IN RF AMP AND SERVER AMP)

                                  like: aiwa XP66/77


DSP: CXD23035 / 1125/ 1130 / 1135 / 1167 / 2500 /3027


DRIVER: always MPC1715 1716 or CXA1083, if player supports ESP, driver will use SC111280 which support double spindle speed.


Optical head: most players use kss220, it can directly replace KSS162/165/167, several models use SANYO SF89 head,like D303 350.


DAC: most players prefer to use NEC UPD6376, it appears in D101 202 33 350 even some technics' players. Personally I donnot like it evry much,especially when it combinates with BA3570,a little backgroud

noise, volume cannot shut down, bass muddle when turn on mega bass.


I prefer to use the DAC like PCM55 PCM67 made by B.B semiconductor, common players carry with


Technics sl-xp7


Philips CD10II



SONY D555 PCM66*2,



These players always be regarded as the top of the brand, they all have the balanced frequency, fine treble, they should be

the best choice of our Hi-Fi fans all. If you have the chance to compare your MP3 players and these vintage cd players, I think

these old fellows will gain revitalization in your hands.



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Nice work! There are probably a few of these old CDPs floating around in Japan, so I might have to look out for the ones with the better DACs.

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Nice work! I'm agree with you about the  PCM66 vs UPD6376. The BB dac sounds so much better than the NEC. The other day my standalone cd player just died and i was desperately looking for a temporary solution. So i just grabbed my 2 old sony discman d250 and d33 for a little listening through the line out to see which one should i choose. The result is that right now i'm listening the d250 and i'm amazed about how good it sounds. 

Now getting back to the DACs i'm curious about the NPC dac, the SM5871 used in "newer" units like D303 and D311. How does it compare to the older PCM66?

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Most people use earphone to listen to CDs, so the quality of the earphone amplifier should also be measured.

Both D303 D33 use BA3570 as earphone amplifier, so I have to say sorry to them.

However D250 uses CXD1316 as digital filter, PCM66 as DAC and M51568 as earphone amplifier, its overall quality is much higher than 303 and 33.

New components donot means high quality, maybe more cheaper.

D303 and 33 carry with DBB or MEGA BASS to boost its bass and treble, so maybe such sound will satisfy more common people, however it doesnot mean high sound quality.  

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The D-303 in my hands feature a SM5861 DAC, not a SM5871 as listed. Was used in some Integra line of Onkyo wich are not that bad ;)

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Lucky 777th post!

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I am blown away by the sound quality in my new KSS220 CXA1271 CXA1272 CXP5024 MPC1715 CXD1130/CXD1246 CXD1161 BA3570 MEGA BASS+M51568 !!

The line-out -> amp -> IEM's sounds very analog, warm, refined, panoramic... one of the best Hi-Fi experiences I've ever encountered - especially for a cheap second-hand CD player ...


/kiteki happy

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If you have ever tried another better  portable cd player, even like D303 D25 D15, you will have another feeling about your D11.

D10 D555 will be more refine than D303 25 15 serial, D11/22 can only be regarded as entry level of vintage PCDP.

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SM5861/5871 should have same performance except some tiny difference between their working voltage or sth else.

The sound quality of D303 which carries SM5840 as DIGITAL FILLTER and SM5871 as DAC is not as good as the D100 which carries SM5804 as DIGITAL FILTER and PCM55 as DAC.

Bacause people always compare them with their earphones output, the quality of the earphone amp should be considered.

D303 uses BA3570 as earphones amp, while D100 uses NJM4560 operation amplifier with positive/negtive dual power supply to drive the 4560, it's more advanced than BA3570.

If you have chances, I suggest you to compare their sound quality only use their line out ports, it's a direct way to measure the quality of the DF and DAC.

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