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The Most Neutral $100 IEM?

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If your budget is $100, and you wanted an IEM which is as neutral as possible, what would you choose? By neutral I mean lacking overt colouration, a decenly flat response curve, does treble, mids, and bass equally well. And all 'rounder. Probably some would consider this a boring sounding IEM, but if one wanted accuracy which stays true to the source material above all else... which would you pick?

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I think the general consensus is that in the sub $100 category it's the RE0/RE-ZERO

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Xcapes are more neutral than the Zeros/RE0 imo. 

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The RE-ZERO is certainly a good starting point and a good all-around option.  If you don't mind upping your price some, things like the RE252 and ER4S/P are better options for where you're trying to go.  They can be priced well used in the $150 range if that's not too much of a stretch for you.

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I would go for an X-Cape.

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RE0s are bass light, but pretty flat otherwise. However they do require an amp to shine.
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Originally Posted by s0lar View Post

I would go for an X-Cape.

I second this


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Are the recommendations for the Sunrise X-Cape taking into account the new version reportedly having a different character?

Also, I have an Fiio E1 coming (I wanted the remote control and the amplification supposedly helps as well) - would that be sufficient for the RE0's?



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I'm pretty sure everyone's talking about the V1. V2 has been said to added (however minor it may be) coloration.

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Yes revision 1 is the neutral one, but it's hard to find now. 

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I think RE0 is quite neutral, but I heard that the RE-ZERO is more neutral, so I would go with the latter.

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Hmmm, I think I would like a few more options...

Let's suppose we increased the budget to $200... what opportunities would that then open up?

In particular, I'm interested in something "airy" and "detailed", especially in the mids through highs. I would take tighter bass over deep extension, provided the bass doesn't roll of at an absurdly high frequency.

I definitely do not want anything with a mid bass hump. I have enough headphones which do that already!

Durability is a concern. I can't bring myself to buy IEMs which I know will likely break despite gentle handling.


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Oh! I should add that I would like a BA design for something new.
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Just so you don't think I'm completely lazy, I'm looking at the Fischer Audio's DBA-02, or the ATH-CK10 if I can find a good price. There must be others though I'm overlooking.
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