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For Sale:
AKG K702 - Mint, 1 Month Old with MoonAudio Blue Dragon V3 Recable

Will Ship To: USA, Canada

Up for sale is an impeccable AKG K702 with original box and materials, plus a 48 inch long Moon Audio Blue Dragon (V3) upgraded cable. 


I'm fastidious about headphones break-in, and these K702s have had 200 hours of alternating white noise, pink noise, frequency sweeps, and various musical selections. The headphones were allowed to rest five minutes out of every half hour of break-in. The Blue Dragon cable was included in 50 of these 200 hours break-in.


After the break-in sessions with the K702 I did no more than 20 hours of actual listening with them.


The Blue Dragon cable was assembled by myself with Neutrik plugs and soldered with Cardas Quad Eutectic Silver solder. The cable is covered with black Techflex sheathing and black heat shrink overlay on the connectors. I hold a Boeing Aircraft Company soldering certificate and used to work professionally in prototype electronics Q&A, so you can be assured this cable was soldered carefully and with electrical integrity.


These headphones with the Blue Dragon recable sound fantastic, with a much better sound stage and bass presentation than fresh out of the box with the stock cable. Nothing is wrong with them, and physically they look perfect also. Unfortunately being open-backed they are a bit too leaky for my home environment and I'm needing to switch to close backed 'phones.


The new owner will receive the K702 headphones and original packaging, the original AKG cable and 1/4" screw-on adapter, the upgraded Blue Dragon cable, and a second gold-plated 1/4" adapter.



Payment is by PayPal, and shipping is free in the continental USA (conus) to a verified PayPal address; I will also ship to Canada for an extra $10 USD. Sorry, but no sale outside of US or Canada.


Besides my Head-Fi feedbacks, you are welcome to check my nearly 500, 100% positive Ebay feedbacks under my username "4nradio".

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